Purpose & Core Values


In accordance with the WPI Plan and the university's mission statement, the focus at WPI is on student-centered learning and educational activities that prepare students for leadership as well as for life-long learning. As student affairs professionals, we provide services in a professional and caring manner, designed to influence attitudes, change behaviors, develop skills, and expand students' knowledge in the areas of citizenship and leadership. In partnership with students, parents, faculty, and staff, the Dean of Students staff shapes and enriches a learning community that fosters self esteem, personal development and prepares students to work, live and lead in a pluralistic society.

Core Values

The Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life subscribes to a set of core values that provide the underlying structure for our work:


Advancing the agenda of students to the university community. 


Promoting integrity, leadership, personal responsibility, and global perspective. 


Fostering and encouraging the growth and self-esteem of others. 


Providing a voice to multiple viewpoints and promoting a culture of civility. 


Modeling care and consideration of all members of our community and their contributions.


Demonstrating genuine concern for the health, balance, and well being of others. 

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