Hangzhou Project Center

Hangzhou is located on China’s booming southeastern coast and is one of China’s most beautiful and bustling cities. The capital of China’s richest province (Zhejiang) and one of China’s ancient imperial capitals, Hangzhou exemplifies China’s quest to become a modern economic power while retaining its unique historical identity. Students see firsthand the beauty of China’s antiquity when walking along World Heritage Site West Lake in downtown Hangzhou and experience on a daily basis the booming growth of Hangzhou, China’s 4th largest metropolitan area with a population of 8 million. From Hangzhou, students can easily travel to Shanghai, only an hour away on the high-speed train, and to many cities on China’s seaboard as well as inland. Students will live in furnished apartments for international students on the new campus of Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU) or in a hotel near the campus.

Office Location: 408

The dynamism that permeates southern China brings with it a host of challenges for municipalities like Hangzhou. Hangzhou projects will provide students first-hand experience on how Chinese organizations approach and tackle issues like green energy, urban housing, sustainable development, historical preservation, education, water challenges, and environmental degradation. Potential sponsors include government ministries, universities, corporations, and NGOs. We anticipate IQPs will deal with sustainable urban development, a greener environment, sustainable resource use, education reform, and other topics as appropriate.

Sample sponsors and project topics in this center:

  • The City of Hangzhou: Promoting global perspective and innovation among Xiasha District residents and workers
  • OMNIPAY: Feasibility study of an electric bicycle market and service in Hangzhou
  • Hangzhou DAC Biotech: Requirements for applying for a clinical trial, quality control for therapeutics to be tested, regulations on laboratory and manufacturing environments
  • 123 Library: A comparative study of book sharing and recycling practices between China and the West