Trades Maintenance & Repairs

Mission Statement

The WPI Department of Facilities Trades Group is responsible for maintaining all the physical components of buildings owned and operated by WPI. This includes mechanical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, fire suppression and detection systems, emergency/security systems, electrical, plumbing, building envelope and lock systems. The goal is to operate, maintain, and repair existing campus facilities used in support of the teaching, research, athletic and social needs of WPI and its community.

Hours & Policies

Normal trade shop hours are from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Trades service maintains existing furniture, equipment and systems in the WPI buildings. Individuals or groups requiring support for other than the above will be charged for time and labor. Facilities does not loan WPI equipment or materials for individual personal use either on or off campus.

The Trade group provides the following services:


  • Repair doors, locks and hardware
  • Repair site equipment, bleachers, fences, railings & stairs
  • Miscellaneous floor & carpet repair
  • Repair windows, partitions, roofs, and rain gutters
  • General furniture repair
  • Installation of wall-mounted accessories


  • Maintenance & repair of fire detection equipment
  • Repair & maintenance of emergency/security lighting & phones
  • Maintenance & repair of substations, transformers & power distribution systems
  • Installation of temporary electrical distribution
  • Minor installations for new equipment power


  • Repair & replacement of potable water services
  • Inspection & maintenance of backflow preventers
  • Inspection & maintenance of emergency eyewash & shower stations
  • Repair & maintenance of water heaters
  • Repair of kitchen equipment
  • Repair & maintenance of sprinkler systems


  • Repair & maintenance of heating & cooling systems, including Building Control Systems (BMS)
  • Repair & maintenance of laboratory exhaust systems
  • Repair & maintenance of refrigeration equipment
  • Repair & maintenance of building air supply systems
  • Maintenance of kitchen exhaust systems
  • Maintenance of underground utility systems

Service Desk

  • Emergency calls during normal working hours
  • Repair requests for broken glass
  • Requests for exterminator services
  • Request for emptying trash compactors

Request for routine repair and maintenance work can be submitted through the Department of Facilities  Workorder System (please see Accessing SchoolDude). Facilities reserves the right to determine the priority of all work that is undertaken.

WPI Contractor Safety Handbook

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Department Manager

Roger A. Griffin
Associate Director of Mechanical Services

Office: 508-831-6979
Cell: 508-365-8859