Faculty and Staff Campaign

On behalf of the WPI Faculty and Staff Committee thanks for all you do. In FY12 over 250 faculty and staff made a philanthropic gift to WPI, which represents a record level of employee support for the university.

Why give?


First, it supports WPI's educational and research mission. By giving you will be supporting financial aid, individual departments and important research projects. Secondly, you recognize the work and dedication of WPI's staff and faculty, and giving shows that you are invested in the school (you can even designate your gift). Participation is more important than the amount you give, so a little amount goes a long way.

It’s easy to make your gift through payroll deduction—just use our pledge form. You can also make your gift through our secure server at wpi.imodules.com/faculty-staff-give or by contacting Ajayi Harris, assistant director of the Annual Fund, at x6021, aharris@wpi.edu. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the committee.

Thank you for all that you do for WPI and for considering this exciting opportunity.

The Faculty and Staff Trustee Challenge Committee
Name Department Email Extension
Jon Bartelson Information Technology jonb@wpi.edu 5725
Debbie Bordage Counseling Center dbordage@wpi.edu 5540
John Delorey Humanities & Arts jfd@wpi.edu, 5051
Ajayi Harris  Annual Giving   aharris@wpi.edu  6021 
Frank Hoy  Business  fhoy@wpi.edu  4998 
Tressa Santillo Library tsantillo@wpi.edu 5101
Liz Tomaszewski  Facilities  ltomasz@wpi.edu  5454 
Pam Weathers Biology & Biotechnology weathers@wpi.edu 5196


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