Endowed Gifts

The WPI endowment currently stands at $360 million, and the university operates with a trustee-approved 5.4 percent spending rule. The university stands on sound financial footing today, but with the rising cost of engineering education, it is ever more important that we continue to build our endowment for tomorrow. WPI has set a goal of doubling its endowment over the next eight years.  Endowment gifts are critical to this effort and among the most important ways an individual can make a difference at WPI. Donors may create an endowment with a minimum gift of $50,000.

If you are interested in making a capital or endowment gift, please contact Lisa Maizite, assistant vice president for leadership giving, at +1-508-831-5073 or lmaizite@wpi.edu.

Type Minimum Funding Expected Annual Endowment Income
Academic Department $25 Million $1,350,000
Academic Center $10 Million $540,000
Professorship $2 Million $108,000
Asst./Assoc. Professor Development Fund $1 Million $54,000
Visiting Professor/Professional in Residence $1 Million $54,000
Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship $720,000 $38,880
Graduate Fellowship $720,000 $38,880
Student Loan Fund $100,000 $5,400
Undergraduate Global Project Fund $150,000 $8,100
Innovations and Excellence
Dean's Special Initiatives Fund $1 Million $54,000
Provost's Fund for Curriculum Innovation $500,000 $27,000
Department Head Fund for Academic Excellence $300,000 $16,200
Faculty Research Fund $250,000 $13,500
Special Projects and Resources
Project Center $50,000 $2,700
Library Special Collections Fund $100,000 $5,400
Endowed Lecture Fund $100,000 $5,400


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