About Us

Student Health Services (SHS) provides accessible, comprehensive quality health care (including referral services) for students in a diverse population. SHS coordinates and promotes health education on campus, assists students in becoming informed health consumers—as well as their own healthcare advocates— and encourages students to make good health and disease prevention a lifelong pursuit.


  • Devon Alvaro, NP
  • Krista Berube, RN
  • Nathan Cardoos MD
  • Cara Cohen NP per diem
  • Donna Damien, Administrative Assistant
  • Mike Lovelace RN
  • Anne Landry, RN
  • Jessica Day NP-BC
  • Christine Purington, MD
  • Regina Roberto, MSN-APRN-BC, Director
  • Lori Willens, RN
  • Stephanie Carter-Henry, MD
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