Electronic Personnel Action Form

Efficient and Convenient Hiring with EPAF

With Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF), department heads and managers now enjoy a more streamlined hiring process. Using EPAF, originators activate jobs which then travel through an approval cycle. It is possible to check the status of a given job at any point.

Accessing EPAF

  • Log into Banner Web for Employees using your Windows username and password.
  • Click the Employee tab, then EPAF Administrator, then New EPAF. This will open the EPAF form.

You can hire a department-funded, federally funded, research-funded or restricted-funded student worker using this system. You can also change a status and terminate an employee. If you have questions, contact Human Resources. 

  • Register for EPAF training courses to gain a better understanding of the process 
  • Register for EPAF working sessions for assistance with entering EPAFs

Helpful Documentation for Using EPAF


  • EPAF User Guide. Everything you need to know about payroll authorizations, hiring employees, and more, in one helpful guide. (.pdf, 863kb)
  • Position Number Lookup Table. A source for student work study (both research and restriction funded) and department operation position numbers for your use in filling out EPAFs. (.xls, 136kb)
  • Approver's Guide. Tips and instructions for approvers. (.pdf, 315kb)
  • Common Errors. Help for some common mistakes that can take place. (.pdf, 138kb)
  • Proxy Tips. How to authorize an approver in your absence. (.pdf, 178kb)
  • Routing Queue Tips. Use these tips for help with setting up your default routing queue. (.pdf, 280kb)


Undergraduate/biweekly-paid graduate students

Monthly Paid Graduate Students

Monthly Paid Employees