Form Description Category
Affidavit of Domestic Partnership (.pdf, 69kb) Declare Domestic Partnership for benefits Benefits
Health and Dental Care Enrollment (.pdf, 268kb)   Benefits
HIPAA Authorization to Use or Disclose Protected Health Information (.pdf, 20kb) Authorize others to share your health information Benefits
HSA Change Form (.pdf, 300kb) Make changes to your HSA account  Benefits
Retirement - 2015 Salary Reduction (.pdf, 417kb) Authorization for retirement contributions. More details: Retirement Benefits
Tuition - Dependent Children (.pdf, 371kb) Request tuition for dependent children Benefits
Tuition – On Campus Remission (.pdf, 207kb) Request employee tuition for On-Campus classes Benefits
Tuition – Off-Campus Reimbursement (.pdf, 223kb) Request employee tuition for Off-Campus classes Benefits
Tuition Exchange Program Apply for Tuition Exchange for 2014-15 school year.  Benefits
Affirmative Action (.pdf, 54kb) Hiring Managers - if you do not use PeopleAdmin, complete when hiring a new employee Hiring
Employee Referral (.pdf, 270kb) For employees, recommend a person for a position at WPI Hiring
Faculty Appointment & Payroll Authorization (.pdf, 139kb) Hiring managers –before making an offer to a faculty candidate this form must be signed by the Department, Division, Accounting, and HR Hiring
Faculty Appointment - Associate Professor or above (.pdf, 105kb) Used by department heads to submit a proposed rank for a faculty member Hiring
Foreign National Form (.pdf, 476kb) For any Foreign National on VISA Hiring
Graduate Student Tuition ONLY (.pdf, 211kb) Hiring managers - outline payment for graduate students who will receive tuition without a stipend as part of their graduate work Hiring
IT Access for Employees and Non-employees (.pdf, 726kb) Hiring managers – request employee computer account Hiring
IT Access for Student Workers (2.0 mb) Hiring Departments – request computer account for student workers Hiring
I-9 Employment Eligibility New Employees must visit Human Resources in Boynton Hall to complete the I-9 form Hiring
Non-Faculty Research Appointment (.pdf, 37kb)

Hiring managers –before making an offer for a non-faculty research candidate this form must be signed by the Department and Division Hiring
Payroll Authorization (.pdf, 34kb)
Hiring managers - initiate compensation for a new employee Hiring
Personal Data Card (.pdf, 279kb) New employees – this is required for WPI payroll Hiring
Staff (Non-Faculty) Appointment
(.pdf, 98kb)
Hiring managers –before making an offer for a staff appointment this form must be signed by the Department, Research Accounting or Budget, and Division Hiring
Students - Payroll documentation required (.pdf, 160kb)

Students, Research Assistant (RA), Teaching Assistant (TA), Grad Assistant (GA) – a guide of documentation needed for payroll

Summer Salary Authorization Summer Salary Authorization Form for Full-Time Faculty Hiring
Supervisor’s Checklist for New Employees (.pdf, 154kb) Hiring managers – list of actions to take upon hiring Hiring
Payroll Changes & Taxes
Also see Hiring Forms
 Student Time Sheet  Student submits time worked  Payroll
Change of Personnel Status (.pdf, 62kb) Managers – for a change in an employee’s status that affects the employee’s pay. For example, if the funding that pays the employee changes, or the employee reduces their number of hours. Payroll Changes & Taxes
Direct Deposit Authorization Form (.pdf, 317kb)   Payroll Changes & Taxes
Federal W-4 Form (.pdf, 104kb) IRS Federal Tax Filing Information and Forms - Payroll Changes & Taxes
Massachusetts State M-4 Form (.pdf, 40kb) Massachusetts Tax Filing Information and Forms Payroll Changes & Taxes
Personal Data Change Form (.pdf, 73kb) Employees - report changes in personal information; name change, address change, etc. Payroll Changes & Taxes
Performance Appraisals
Promotion/Reclassification Request (.pdf, 86kb) Managers – request for approval Performance Appraisals
Travel or Accident
Employee Accident Report (.pdf, 52kb) Employees – complete when injured in the line of work Travel or Accident
Travel Assistance Program (.pdf, 26kb) Employees traveling on WPI-related business carry this information to be used in the event of accident or injury Travel or Accident
Wellness Programs
Lunchtime Fitness - Registration (.pdf, 235kb) More details: Wellness Programs Wellness Programs
Lunchtime Fitness - Liability (.pdf, 278kb) Required, along with registration form for lunchtime fitness programs. More details: Wellness Programs  Wellness Programs
Visit Finance’s Frequently Used Forms for payments relating to check requests, expense reports, vendor and contractor forms, banner finance, bank services, p-card, sponsored research accounting, student organizations.
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