Performance Management

Your VOICE Should be Heard - and We Want to Hear It!

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     Virtue Output  Integrity  Collaboration  Excellence 


What is the Performance Communication Process?

The performance communication process is the culmination of regular check-ins and discussions between employees and their supervisors about assigned duties and responsibilites, job performance and goals for the future.  This process is a combination of written and oral communication and is intended to recognize solid performance, successes and achievements, as well as identify opportunities for development and growth.

Why Appraise Performance?

The performance communication process is essential for promoting personal success and fostering a collaborative culture on campus.  Discussions about performance help supervisors gain insight into their employees' strengths and abilities, and allows them to recognize achievements and evaluate job progress.  Feedback from this process aids in the development of effective training programs to further expand knowledge and skills.

A Pay-for-Performance Structure

Salary increases are awarded annually, effective July 1st. The amount of the salary increase pool of funds is recommended by the administration and approved by the Board of Trustees. The method for allocating funds is based on rewarding meritorious performance. Merit increases will be awarded on a pay-for-performance basis and are based on individual performance. When used as intended, a pay-for-performance structure achieves the goal of rewarding truly top performers with merit increases that match their achievements and contributions.