Employee Recognition

SPOT Awards 2013

  • Felicia Vidito

  • Natalie Fox

  • Colleen Shaver

  • David Botelho

  • Amy Partridge

  • Will Zuidema

  • Aleshia Carlsen-Bryan

The Spot Award: Recognizing Extraordinary Employees

Most of us come to work each day with the intention of giving our very best. Once in a while, an employee will reach above and beyond his or her job description. The WPI Spot Award was created to give WPI employees a means of recognizing coworkers for performing in extraordinary fashion.

Do you know someone you feel deserves recognition? Just send this online SPOT Nomination form. Upon approval, the nominee will be notified and will receive a certificate. Employees earning a Spot Award will be featured in the HR Digest and the Daily Herd

Long Service: Valuing Experience and Expertise

At WPI, we take great pride in our long-service employees. Employees are recognized at five-year intervals, beginning after the completion of their first five years. An additional week of vacation will be added to annual vacation accrual for each year after the 15th.

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