Web Time Entry

Online Timesheets

Web Time Entry is an online system for employees to report time worked. After approval by supervisors, the information is processed for payment by the Payroll Office.

Accessing Web Time Entry

Log into Banner Web for Employees using your Windows username and password and select the “Employee” tab.


Newly Employed

After your supervisor and Payroll have authorized all paperwork, your timesheet will appear in Web Time Entry along with the name of the supervisor to approve your timesheet. You may begin entering hours on the first day of the pay period.

  • Federal work study students (position W09908) enter hours on the “Federal Work Study” line.
  • Department or Research funded positions (starting with “Z”) enter time on “Department funded” line.

Entering Time in Advance

You can enter time in advance and Save without submitting for approval, but only up to the end of the current pay period.

Error Status

For timesheets marked with Error Status, look for the common error that occurs when zeroes are entered for hours. Leave the space blank instead of entering a zero. If you do not see any problems with the timesheet, the error might clear by clicking Restart.

Multiple Jobs

Submit a separate time sheet for hours charged to each job. Each timesheet will be directed to the appropriate approver.

Off-Campus Access

You can access Web Time Entry from any computer. If needed, you may ask your supervisor to contact the Payroll Office, which can enter hours for you.

Missing a Deadline

Hours for past pay periods must be submitted using a paper timesheet, available in the Office of Human Resources & Payroll, 2nd floor of Boynton Hall.

Payroll Deadlines

Check with your supervisor for the deadline for your specific department. Supervisor deadlines for approvals to the Payroll department can be seen in the payroll calendars:

Making Changes

If your timesheet has not been approved by your supervisor, you can select Return Time, update your hours, and resubmit. If your timesheet was already approved, your supervisor must contact Payroll on your behalf.

Getting Approval

If your supervisor is not available to approve a timesheet, contact the Payroll Office to see who your supervisor proxy is. Call or email the supervisor proxy, requesting approval.

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Web Time Entry Questions

Check with your supervisor as a first step. Contact the Payroll Office if additional support is needed. +1-508- 831-5470.