WPI academic scholarship in engineering and applied science stems from a strong history of cross- and interdisciplinary research, industrial associations, and applications focused research initiatives. 

The Research at WPI website describes research activities of the university departments and centers, consortia, and institutes. Collaborative efforts such as the Center for Comparative Neuro-Imaging (CCNI) with UMMC are also described therein.

Advance Materials Manufacturing & Mobility

Case Number Title Patent Status Patent Application Number Inventor(s) Description
W17-001 Measurement Equipment with Outlier Filter Provisional US 62/371,360 Christopher Brown, et al Download (PDF)
W12-019 Supported Molten-Salt Electrolyte Unitized Regenerative Hydrogen-Halogen Fuel Cell (SMSC-URHHFC) for Electrical Energy Storage Published US 13/894,599 Ravindra Datta, Drew J. Martino Download (PDF)
W16-002 Improving Life of Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures by 300% Provisional US 62/204,006 Amy Peterson, Aaron Sakilich, Yixi Chen, Chris Xia Download (PDF)
W14-032 Developing Additive Manufactured Battery Electrodes Provisional US 62/044,580 Yan Wang, Zhangfeng Zheng, Heng Pan, Brandon Ludwig Download (PDF)
W16-011 Printing Large 3D Scale Structures Provisional US 62/237,670 Sarah Chamberlain, Richard Eberheim Download (PDF)
W14-020 Retrofitting Buildings for Energy Efficiency Provisional US 61/934,824 Steven Van Dessel Download (PDF)

Cyber Data & Security Science and Engineering

Case Number Title Patent Status Patent Application Number Inventor(s) Description
W13-016 Device for Measuring the Sharpness of Edges Pending US 14/341,168 Jocelyn Close, Jason Hopkins, Michael Dragonas, Frunk Bruton, Christopher A. Brown Download (PDF)
W13-030 PARAS: Parameter Space-Based Association Rule Mining Methodology Copyright to be Filed N/A Elke A. Rundensteiner, Matthew O. Ward, Abhishek Mukherji, Xika Lin, Jason Whitehouse, Christopher R. Botaish Download (PDF)
W14-036 Controlling Network Threats Pending US 62/209,929 Craig Shue Download (PDF)
W16-017 Network Security at Home Pending US 62/269,308 Curtis Taylor, Craig Shue Download (PDF)

Health & Biotechnology

Case Number Title Patent Status Patent Application Number Inventor(s) Description
W17-008 Blood Alcohol Content Sensing System Provisional US 62/407,791 Emmanuel Agu, Christina Aiello Download (PDF)
W12-020 Cell-Derived Matrix Scaffold Published US 13/928,245 Fioleda Prifti, Denis Kole, Chris Malcuit, Marsha Rolle, Tanja Dominko, Terri Camesano Download (PDF)
W10-095 Compositions and Methods for Treating Parasitic Disease Published PCT/US2011/027256 Pamela J. Weathers Download (PDF)
W13-005 Hydrophobic Electrocardiogram Electrodes Pending PCT/US13/60067 Justin Bales, Albert Swiston, Ki Chon Download (PDF)
W04-117 Image-Based Computational Mechanical Analysis and Indexing for Cardiovascular Diseases Issued US 11/296,943 Dalin Tang, Zheyan Wu Download (PDF)
W13-013 Shock Absorbing Skate Published US 14/242,142 Karin E. Greene, Devon L. Rehm, Christopher A. Brown Download (PDF)
W04-114 A Multi-Channel Electrophysiologic Signal Data Acquisition System on an Integrated Circuit Issued US 11/262,493 Edward A. Clancy, John A. McNeill, William R. Michalson Download (PDF)
W10-004 MRI Compatible Self-Positioning Stereotactic Surgical Guide Published US 12/873,152 Gregory S. Fischer, Gregory A. Cole Download (PDF)
W04-039 Multi-Modal RF Coil for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Issued US 10/789,756 Reinhold Ludwig, Gene Bagdanov, Aghogho Obi Download (PDF)
W11-019 Methods and Systems for Viscoelastic Characterization of Irregularly Shaped Anisotropic Biological Samples Published PCT/US2012/030652 Heather A. Cirka, Kristen L. Billiar Download (PDF)
W13-027 Binding Plate to Reduce the Number of ACL Injuries as well as Inadvertent Releases in Alpine Skiing Pending PCT/US14/049356 John M. Madura, Christopher A. Brown Download (PDF)
UMass Antifungal Agents and Uses Thereof Published US 14/017,914 Reeta Rao, Paul Kaufman Download (PDF)
W12-011 Self-Recovering Impact-Absorbing Footwear Published US 13/860,877 Christopher A. Brown, Michael R. Doyle, Jessica S. Shelsky, Nicholas D. Workman Download (PDF)
W16-007 Stopping Aortic Valve Calcifications Provisional US 62/238,360 Heather Cirka, Kristen Billiar Download (PDF)
W16-012 Improving Cell Fate Yield and Reliability Provisional US 62/267,383 Amy Peterson, Marsha Rolle, Anthony D’Amico Download (PDF)
W15-009 Novel Biomarker Necessary for Survival of Pre-cancer and Cancer Cells Provisional US 62/090,591

Sarah Hernandez,
Tanja Dominko

Download (PDF)
W14-007 Sugar: A Revolutionary Diabetes Application Filed US 14/528397 Peder Pedersen, Diane Strong, Emmanuel Agu, Bengisu Tulu, Lei Wang, Qian He Download (PDF)
W09-031 Wearable Wirelessly Controlled Rehabilitation Device Published US 8,246,559 Allen Hoffman, Michael Scarsella, Steven Toddes, Daniel Abramovich Download (PDF)
W12-012 An Intelligent Tutoring System Provisional US 13/774,981 Janice Gobert, Ermal Toto

Download (PDF)

W16-044 Fixation Identification Using Density Optimization Provisional US 62/363,992 Andrew Trapp, Soussan Djamasbi, Wen Lui Download (PDF)

Robotics & Cyberphysical Systems

Case Number Title Patent Status Patent Application Number Inventor(s) Description
W13-028 Rotary and Linear One-To-Many (OTM) System: Many Independently Controlled Degrees of Freedom Actuated by One Pending PCT/US14/046232 Christopher J. Berthelette, Thane R. Hunt, Matthew DiPinto, Marko B. Popovic, James D. Sareaul Download (PDF)
W15-016 Immersive Head Worn Display Provisional US 62/099,925 Robert Lindeman Download (PDF)