Get Up ‘N’ Go

As of 2011 in the United States alone, 6.1 million people require the use of an assistive ambulation device.  These devices are crucial aspects in healing and working to live independently.  However, crucial does not necessarily indicate a positive feature. 47,312 older adult fall injuries are treated each year, and 41,161 involve the use of a walker.  Not only in the United States, but in the Netherlands as well, falls associated with 4-wheeled walkers used by adults, age sixty-five and older, resulted in serious injury. The CDC states that, “Additional studies are needed to better understand fall risk factors for older adults who use walkers and canes, as well as to identify potential design problems and improve the design of walkers.”

The present invention relates to a stabilizer on a walker for individuals in need of assistance from transitioning from a sitting position to a standing position at which time the individual may use the walker. The invention is directed to a stabilizer for a walker comprised of a stabilizer frame, at least one side rail extending from the frame and adapted to be attached to a walker, where in  

Competing Approaches:

Existing products provide lower handles that are merely bent into the standard walker frame. These handles are lower than average chair arms and are located in front of the user’s center of gravity, causing a pulling motion that could tip the walker. This increases the chance of falling and can be a difficult maneuver for one who is already in need of a walker.

Key Features/Benefits

The Get Up ‘N’ Go is an attachment that does not interfere with ambulation or in stowing the walker. It helps the user sit and stand from a seat without armrests and can be slid back into the walker frame while the person is seated or in a standing position.

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