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The ESL @ WPI Program offers English language courses to help students, scholars, and their partners brush up on and learn English for academic and non-academic purposes. The aim of the program is to assist students in developing their communicative abilities and skills to the point of proficiency through various courses offered throughout the year.

Contact English as a Second Language:
Phone: 508-831-6033
Email: billym@wpi.edu

  • English for International Teaching Assistants is designed to help international teaching assistants learn and practice speaking English, paying special attention to the vocabulary of their majors while presenting information, learning classroom management practices, and understanding the academic culture and behavior in the U.S.
  • ESL Seminar is a tutorial offering ongoing support to address the linguistic needs of students and scholars in the major skills areas, along with practice giving oral presentations and studying aspects of U.S. culture and history. The course also includes field trips to museums, concerts, and other cultural activities.
  • ESL for Spouses teaches the legal partners of students and scholars the English language needed to establish themselves and meet their needs in U.S. culture. Course focuses on listening, speaking, and vocabulary development. The course also includes field trips to museums, concerts, and other cultural activities.
  • ESL Tutorial   When time and personnel are available, a tutorial possible on a contractual basis. 
  • Other Services    In addition, the ESL @ WPI Program offers oral proficiency testing in English for international teaching assistants and other WPI graduate students and scholars who may require it and, time permitting, international students might also find resources for help with writing (IQP/MQP Reports, Theses, and Dissertations).
  • Summer ESL 2019 is an intensive listening and speaking course for students planning to study STEM subjects at U.S. colleges and universities. Classroom instruction integrates some reading, some writing, and a lot of listening, and speaking activities and pays special attention to the use of spoken English in a technological academic setting. Summer ESL 2019 is three (3) hours per day for five (5) days a week; it lasts for more than three (3) weeks, and is designed for (but not limited to) international students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. This program begins on July 23, lasts for three-plus weeks, and ends on August 16th. The goal is to improve listening and speaking skills.

In addition to classroom lessons with small classes Summer ESL 2019 offers:

  • Oral presentation workshops
  • Note-taking strategies
  • Cultural excursions to Providence, Cambridge and/or Boston
  • Discussions on U.S. culture
  • Cross-cultural dialogues

Program Fee $500 (All figures are in U.S. dollars)

  • Class time is approximately 3 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Fees do not include the cost of books and materials, room or board
  • Health insurance is required for all students without private health insurance​

Short term summer ESL contracts welcomed. Please contact billym@wpi.edu if interested.


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