Data Management

The amount of data generated during research activities has been increasing exponentially. AT WPI the increase has been due to use of computational resources as well as the availability of sophisticated measuring instruments and data acquisition systems such as X-ray machines, Electron microscopes and high speed cameras to mention a few. As a direct consequence, a well-defined data management strategy is now a must for any research activity.

ARC answers the data management needs of the WPI community with powerful tools and services, from providing secure and extensive storage to collaboration tools.

Data management consultations

ARC staff will help you create and implement optimal data management strategies and identify potential issues. Our staff are experts in data management with extensive experience creating plans and using the latest tools. Please contact us for assistance setting up customized strategies that target your group specific needs.

View our Data Management: The What, When, and How presentation for additional information and tips on data management.

Data management plan templates

Research grant proposals are increasingly requiring the submission of data management plans outlining how researchers will manage their project data. ARC staff will consult with you on building your plan and review completed plans prior to submission.

As a starting point, you can also view examples of submitted plans in the internal shared drive here.