Sharing Data

As you collaborate with other researchers in and outside of WPI, you might need to share data. ARC has several processes in place that enable you securely and easily provide access, collaborate, and share information with others internally and externally.

Sharing data at WPI

Large amounts of data can be shared directly from the Isilon storage server between WPI users.

Sharing data externally

WPI offers researchers several options for sharing data with outside partners and institutions. ARC is currently running pilot programs testing two new powerful data sharing tools.

To enable multi-site research teams, WPI is implementing the Shibboleth/InCommon Authentication toolset. A process for generating account access is in place.

We are also testing the Integrated Rule Oriented Data System (iRODS), an open source data grid that allows users to share organized collections of data. Users can upload, download, and manage data on a storage server located at WPI and linked to a wider network of universities. At the moment, iROD user accounts are independent from WPI credentials. Individual WPI faculty and research personal can request an account for themselves and external collaborators.

For more information, read our documentation on WPI iROD access and protocol .

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