The Faculty Web Profile database is a customized web application built to allow our faculty members to maintain their own faculty profiles or allow someone within their department to be designated to make changes on their behalf.

Below you will find the instructions on how easy it is to update your faculty profile.

Login to: or hit the "Log in to Faculty Profile" in the menu on the right.  Login using your normal windows account and password.

login screen

Once you are logged in, you do a search on your faculty name at the top in the search box.  See screen capture below:

If you need to assign an administrative assistant or someone within your department to be a designee to make changes to your profile on your behalf, enter a help desk ticket and the systems administrator will set that person up for you.

Once you open up your Faculty Profile you can use the tabs to find the content you want to change easily or you can just stroll down the long page to find the content to change:

tabbed affect

Once you've identified the area you need to make a change or addition, simply just hit the pencil icon to make a change: pencil

Make your changes, then hit "Apply Changes":

maintain window


Once all your changes are completed.  Please wait about 30 minutes and your faculty profile page within the website will have those changes.  Please also note that if you've reviewed your page over and over, make sure you clear your cache (F5 or refresh or clear browsing history).