Faculty Profiles

How to designate another person to edit your faculty profile

If you would like to designate another person to edit your profile page, you need to submit this authorization form, and confirm your signature through email.  After completing the form, a ticket to CMSHelp will be generated and we will grant the designated user the appropriate access rights. The designated user will be sent instructions below on how to masquerade as another user.

The Gordon Library also offers support for editing and updating faculty profiles. This service does not require you to submit an authorization form. Simply email the faculty profiles team: gr-facultyprofiles@wpi.edu. For more information about the library's faculty profile updating and editing service, please see the library's online guide that describes both self-guided and library-assisted options.

Workday Fields

The following fields on profile pages must be edited in Workday:

  • Preferred Name (if you do not have a preferred name, your legal name will be used)
  • Primary Title*
  • Department*
  • Phone

*Please contact Human Resources to request changes to these fields.

Drupal 9 Training Videos

If you are new to Drupal 9 and need instructions on how to log in or edit your website, please see our Drupal 9 Training videos.

How to edit a faculty profile in Drupal 9

How to masquerade as another user in Drupal 9