If you are a staff member, you can change your own biography, add your photo and/or hide your phone number. To change/update your staff profile, please follow the below instructions:

1. Log into Drupal using your WPI credentials
2. Click your username in the top right hand corner
3. Click edit in the gray menu
4. Click Staff Profile in the menu
5. Add/Update your profile image, and bio
6. Scroll down and click save

Each staff member has to login to the Drupal system to make these changes themselves or they can send the request to CMSHelp@wpi.edu.

How to change your phone number

Due to the recent transition to Workday, changes to staff phone numbers are not yet being imported to Drupal. We recommend that you make any necessary changes in Workday now, so that they will be updated once a solution is in place. To update your phone number in Workday, go to:  Personal Information > Work Contact Information. Click on the pencil icon to update an existing phone number or the Add button to add a new phone number.