Content Elements & Widgets

This section reviews content guidelines for some of the most commonly used Drupal widgets, including the University Calendar and Announcements. Note these are not technical instructions for using the widgets. Access step-by-step technical instructions.

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Office Location: 3rd Floor
Phone: 508-831-5305

WPI-sponsored events and activities, along with important deadlines, should be published in the University Calendar. Learn more about how to add an event.

Can I send in unofficial documents? (Added 3/25/20)

Yes.  We are currently accepting unofficial test scores and transcripts to complete your application.  Please note that prior to matriculation you will need to submit your official documents.

What if I cannot get to WPI by the start of the fall term? (Updated 4/9/20)

We understand the anxiety around this possibility.  While it is our sincere hope that anyone who wants to start classes on campus this fall will be able to we understand that this may not be possible.  WPI is exploring options for those students impacted by COVID-19 travel restrictions to join our community through online courses.  We will continue to keep you informed as we work to put this in place.  Additionally, we will work with you should you wish to defer to a later term. 

All admission decisions will not be canceled if you decide to defer to either Spring 2021 or Fall 2021, and your current enrollment deposit will be credited toward your future tuition bill. Please note that this applies to applicants who have confirmed their enrollment. To change your enrollment status from confirmed to deferred please contact our office (

What if my bank is closed and I cannot get required financial documents? (Added 3/25/20)

We understand that this is impacting many of you and is likely to impact many more.  Should you be unable to obtain your required financial documents please contact us at 

Curriculum Dimension Subcommittee


Rory Flinn, Director, Graduate Student Professional Development, Dean of Graduate Studies
Anna Gold (Co-Chair), University Librarian, Library Services
Heidi Morton, Career Advisor, Career Development Center
Peter Thomas, Executive Director, University Advancement
Paula Quinn (Co-Chair), Associate Director, Center for Project-Based Learning 


Lisa Stoddard, Assistant Teaching Professor, Environmental & Sustainability Studies
James (Jim) Joseph Girouard, Senior Program Dev Manager, Academic and Corporate Engagement
Chrys Demetry, Director, Morgan Teaching & Learning Center; Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Stephen Kmiotek, Professor of Practice, Chemical Engineering
Corey Dehner, Associate Teaching Professor, Interdisciplinary & Global Studies
Angel Rivera, Associate Professor, Humanities & Arts


Avery Brown, Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering

Timely Box

The timely box widget allows you to post temporary, often time-sensitive information, such as funding opportunities, internships, etc.

Timely boxes are beneficial to a website, as content can easily be added or removed. However, because the vast majority of timely boxes are deadline driven, they can quickly become out of date. Inaccurate content and out-of-date information can frustrate users, can make your website seem less credible, and can gravely affect the action you wish the user to take.

To avoid these problems, we recommend setting up an internal workflow to review timely box content and remove as necessary.

Is WPI's Sponsored Programs Office open?

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will make every effort to continue to provide the same level of service as staff work remotely. Please contact the office well before any deadlines to allow for sufficient time to process requests. While staff are checking their voicemail email is the best method of communication.  All staff have zoom accounts and will be available for online meetings. We expect to be able to submit proposals, negotiate agreements and process award actions even as personnel have to work remotely.

WPI Today

To be considered for the WPI Today email, your event or announcement must first be entered into Drupal AND you must select Faculty and/or Staff as the audience. All items must be entered by noon in order to be included in the following day’s email.