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This section reviews content guidelines for some of the most commonly used Drupal widgets, including the University Calendar and Announcements. Note these are not technical instructions for using the widgets. Access step-by-step technical instructions.

  • Events

    WPI-sponsored events and activities, along with important deadlines, should be published in the University Calendar. Learn more about how to add an event.

  • Announcements

    Announcements are used for any special statement or news-related items pertaining to a specific department, division, or office, and will display in the Announcements feed on your department or office site. For example: new faculty hires, new research grants, students or faculty presenting at a conference, published papers, department milestones, etc.

    Learn more about how to add an announcement.

  • Best Practices for Events & Announcements


    • Use a catchy title. You want your audience to click on the link, so try to make it interesting. (See reverse for specific examples). Leave location, time, and food offerings out of the title.
    • Be specific and detailed, particularly with events. Think of your audience and the information they will need to take action, whether it’s to RSVP,  attend an event, etc. Include those details in the event description.
    • Add images, links, and PDFs to enhance your event or announcement.
    • Put audience first: To appear in the WPI Today newsletter, you must select Faculty and Staff as the audience.
    • Include contact information, especially for events.


    • Make the title too long. Try to keep your character count below 90 characters if possible (including spaces), use the correct punctuation, and do not use ALL CAPS.
    • Repeat content. You should not post the same content as an event and also as an announcement. If it has a date, it should be posted as an event.
    • Copy and paste existing content (including WPI press releases or external news stories) into an Announcement. This is considered duplicate content (for or copyright infringement (for external content).
    • Use jargon or acronyms that would be unfamiliar or confusing to an external audience.

    Download this as a PDF

  • Naming Conventions for Events & Announcements

    For colloquia, seminars, dissertations, symposia, workshops, etc., titles should include the following in this order:

    • Department/program/office name
    • Type of event (training, speaker, PhD dissertation, seminar)
    • Name of speaker (only if needed)
    • Event title (while formal dissertations and colloquia titles can be challenging, we strongly suggest trying to shorten titles when possible. The actual body content of the calendar listing may include the full title and any other important details.)


    • IMGD Speaker Series: Alex Schwartz, CEO, Owlchemy Labs
    • Robotics Engineering Colloquium - Economy of Motion
    • ECE Dissertation Defense by PhD Candidate Fardad Askarzadeh

    Examples of other events/deadlines:

    • Start-up, Fast-Growth, and Emerging Technology Virtual Career Fair
    • ASSISTMENTS Professional Development Training
    • Women's Impact Network Grant Application Deadline

    Recurring events should have a date in the title––it could be an actual date, a seasonal date (i.e. Fall 2018) or just a year if it's an annual event.

    For announcements, think in terms of a newspaper article headline:

    • A&S Summer Undergraduate Research Award Recipients
    • Summer Gateway Shuttle Update
    • 2018 New Student Orientation Thank You
  • Highlight Box

    As the name implies, use this widget to strategically highlight content or help specific pieces of content stand out on a page. Highlight boxes are designed with built-in heading/body structure, space for an image, and a call-to-action.

    Highlight Box Example

    Although this widget works with all text, it is more engaging when there is an accompanying photo or video to help illustrate. For copy, two or three sentences maximum is ideal; for longer blocks of copy, use the Body Text widget. 

    We recommend no more than four highlight boxes on a page. By default, highlight boxes go full width on the page. To request that highlight boxes be placed side-by-side, submit a ticket to

    If you require more than four highlight boxes, we recommend opting for a rotating highlight box widget.

  • Timely Box

    The timely box widget allows you to post temporary, often time-sensitive information, such as funding opportunities, internships, etc.

    Timely boxes are beneficial to a website, as content can easily be added or removed. However, because the vast majority of timely boxes are deadline driven, they can quickly become out of date. Inaccurate content and out-of-date information can frustrate users, can make your website seem less credible, and can gravely affect the action you wish the user to take.

    To avoid these problems, we recommend setting up an internal workflow to review timely box content and remove as necessary.

  • Featured Link

    These rectangular “buttons” are used to point to related content or additional content on that you believe is relevant to your audience. We recommend keeping the character count for featured links count low (no more than 30 characters). Learn how to add featured links to your site.


WPI Today

To be considered for the WPI Today email, your event or announcement must first be entered into Drupal AND you must select Faculty and/or Staff as the audience. All items must be entered by noon in order to be included in the following day’s email.