Collegiate Religious Center

The Collegiate Religious Center (CRC) is located at 19 Schussler Road, and will be open Monday through Friday at various times throughout the school day--Look for the "Open" flag outside the house-- See the schedule below:

The CRC is intended for the use of WPI students, faculty and staff, and their guests, for the purpose of religious exploration, devotions, worship, prayer, education, administration and fellowship.

A Term 2014/2015 CRC Schedule:

                       Monday  Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday   Friday
  9am-10am    OPEN        
 10am-11am   OPEN    OPEN  OPEN  
 11am-12pm   OPEN    OPEN    OPEN  
 12pm-1pm      OPEN    
 1pm-2pm      OPEN    
 2pm-3pm   OPEN    OPEN   OPEN  
 3pm-4pm  OPEN       OPEN  
 4pm-5pm          OPEN  

Since the space is intended for the use of a multi-faith, multicultural and diverse population in the sacred exercise of their religious practices, it is imperative that all community members respectfully share the space and treat all religious materials, objects and activities with sensitivity. This includes but is not limited to worship materials, special garments, texts, sacred objects as well as specially purposed dishes and food.

The CRC prayer room must be treated with great respect. It may only be used for prayer and/or meditation.  All people entering the room must conform to the strictest religious parameters.  Absolutely no food. No animals. No shoes.  Please enter with clean feet and hands.  Quiet and reverence are essential.  There are other rooms for conversation.

There is no overnight occupancy at the CRC, as the Center is not licensed for residential use.

Additional information:

Use of the CRC facilities  

Policy for food

Booking Space at the CRC-- if you would like to reserve space at the CRC please send an email to with your name, student group affiliation, date, time, duration and purpose.

Policy for club keys-- there is one key available per religious student group. A CRC Key Sign-Out Agreement must be signed by an officer of the student group each time the key is borrowed, and the key must be picked up at The Office of Multicultural Affairs (across the street) during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-noon, 1pm-4:30).