Area Access Manager

Area Access Manager (Launching program Spring 2011; date TBA)

The Stanley Basis ET690 card access system provides a software application called Area Access Manager (AAM). A user of AAM is able to grant card access for specified groups of card readers (called access levels) on campus.


  • Area Access Manager displays a list of access levels for which the user has been granted control, as well as a list of cardholders who have access to a selected access level. The user can then grant or revoke access level assignments.
  • Area Access Manager provides an audit trail and reporting capabilities. All access changes are logged to the database with a time and date stamp and the identity of the user who completed the transaction.


The Campus Card Access Group is presently rolling out the Area Access Manager on a six month testing and trial basis. For this trial, AAM will be offered to selected departments or organizations based upon criteria such as frequency of access requests, types of access requests, areas to be managed, security needs and perspectives, etc. Suitability for participation in the AAM trial will be determined solely at the discretion of the Campus Card Access Group.

Selection of Suitable Access Levels:

Access levels suitable for use with AAM will describe a clearly and well defined group of people. Access levels which only describe a location are not auditable and therefore not acceptable for use with AAM. Access for majors, courses, and projects are assigned automatically based on Banner data and not eligible for assignment through AAM. Final determination of the suitability of an access level for inclusion in AAM rests with the Campus Card Access Group.

Participant’s Responsibilities:

Departments approved for AAM will be required to conduct a yearly audit verifying only authorized cardholders have been granted access to their managed access levels.  The audit must be submitted to the Campus Card Access Group and reviewed by selected members of the Card Access Group including operations and Network Operations.  Users of AAM will not use their ability to assign access to bypass, subvert, or “fix” access which should be provided based upon Banner data. Users of AAM will not use information from AAM for any purpose other than assigning or revoking access levels for which they are responsible. Users of AAM will not “loan” or delegate their access to AAM.

The Campus Card Access Group is solely responsible for approving a department’s request to utilize Area Access Manager. The Campus Card Access Group has ultimate authority regarding the use of AAM by any client. The Campus Card Access Group has the right to review all transactions and revoke the use of AAM at any time for any reason.

I would like to be considered for AAM:

Any department may send their request to be considered for use the Area Access Manager to  A primary and backup AAM user will be required.  


Training will be administered by a Card Access Group staff member representing the CCC Information & Technology section. Training documentation and videos will also be available on the WPI network.

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