Crime Prevention

There are a variety of crime prevention initiatives designed to heighten student and employee awareness about crime. They include:

  • student newspaper (The Towers)
  • student and parent orientation programs
  • new employee orientation program
  • a fingerprinting service
  • operation identification (engraving and inventory service)
  • dissemination of crime prevention literature
  • crime prevention seminars (upon request, +1-831-5433)
  • peer education programs (upon request, +1-831-5433)
  • electronic alarm monitoring system (intrusion, fire, and panic alarm systems)
  • emergency phone system (81strategically placed emergency telephones)

Safety Notifications

The University provides notification about serious campus or local crime that poses a threat to its community by posting safety advisories and/or alerts here. In the event of a power outage, advisories/alerts will be posted in public areas on campus.