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Launching Bold Ideas

From the pioneering vision that established the WPI Plan to the “what if” thinking that created beating heart cells on spinach leaves, bold ideas and daring to experiment form the foundation for everything we do at WPI. It’s paramount that we give our community the tools, connections, time, and space it needs to thrive. In 2018, we’ve made great strides in creating physical space on our campus and beyond for the making and collaborating, discovery and partnership, that leads to creating value for the larger world. 

WPI Seaport

WPI Seaport

The first and only higher education presence in the neighborhood, WPI Seaport connects our students and faculty to multiple industries, including fintech, life sciences and bioengineering, robotics, systems engineering, and construction. In 2018, more than 350 events have been held at WPI Seaport.

Foisie innovation studio

Foisie Innovation Studio

Completion of the Foisie Innovation Studio opens the door to a tangible home for the distinctive hands-on component of a WPI undergraduate education. With makerspaces, rapid prototyping labs, and opportunities for active learning, our students and faculty have the space to design, collaborate, and build on ideas to change humanity for the better.

WPI Innovation Director

WPI Names New Executive Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In 2018, Donna Levin was named to this newly created position, strategically positioning the university to have a greater impact—socially and commercially—through innovations developed by faculty, students, and staff. Co-founder of and a social entrepreneur for nearly 20 years, Levin is responsible for WPI’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center and for leading innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives at the university.


Tech Advisors Network mentors guiding and encouraging new ventures


students inducted as honorary members of the National Academy of Inventors (2018)


record number of patents issued (FY 2019-20)

More Students Filing for Patents, Licensing their Innovations

A record five patents were licensed this year, and 42 students became honorary NAI members after filing for patents last year—the highest numbers in WPI’s history. Read more in the Daily Herd.

WPI does a wonderful job putting students first. WPI goes the extra mile and recognizes innovation.
Drew Hirshfeld
Commissioner for Patents, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Our names are on the patent as inventors...It is a great talking point and experience—the whole development and what you need to apply and working with the lawyers...I’d love to do it again.
Jessica Shelsky '12, MS '14