2020 Trustees’ Celebration of Faculty Achievement

Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 1st floor
Phone: 508-831-5200


Promoted to Full Professor

Chrysanthe Demetry, Mechanical Engineering

David DiBiasio, Chemical Engineering

Tanja Dominko, Biology and Biotechnology

Joseph Fehribach, Mathematical Sciences

Dmitry Korkin, Computer Science

Robert Krueger, Social Science and Policy Studies

Anita Mattson, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Angel Rivera, Humanities and Arts

Carolina Ruiz, Computer Science


Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Xiangnan Kong, Computer Science

Kyumin Lee, Computer Science

Gillian Smith, Computer Science

Purvi Shah, The Business School

Zhongqiang Zhang, Mathematical Sciences

Promoted to Teaching Professor

Destin Heilman, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Christopher Lambert, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dean O'Donnell, Interactive Media & Game Development

Fatemeh Emdad, Data Science

Promoted to Associate Professor

(Non-Tenure Track)


Stephen McCauley, The Global School

Pradeep Radhakrishnan, Mechanical Engineering

Elisabeth Stoddard, The Global School

Huili Zheng, Humanities and Arts


Promoted to Senior Instructor/Lecturer

(Non-Tenure Track)

Ralph Sutter, Interactive Media & Game Development


Promoted to Department Head

(Non-Tenure Track)

Nikolaos Gatsonis, Aerospace Engineering

Robert Krueger, Social Science and Policy Studies

Sarah Olson, Mathematical Sciences



Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Teaching

Sarah Wodin-Schwartz, Mechanical Engineering


Chairman’s Exemplary Faculty Prize

Kristin Boudreau, Humanities andArts

John Sullivan, Mechanical Engineering        


Board of Trustees' Award for Outstanding Research and Creative Scholarship

Jagan Srinivasan, Biology and Biotechnology


Board of Trustees' Award for Academic Advising 

Gillian Smith, Computer Science


Romeo L. Moruzzi Young Faculty Award

Carlo Pinciroli, Robotics Engineering

Elisabeth Stoddard, Social Science and Policy Studies


National Recognition

Renata Konrad, Associate Professor of Operations and Industrial Engineering received a Fulbright Award for research in Ukraine.

Yanhua Li, Computer Science, NSF CAREER Award for Spatial-Temporal Imitation Learning 

Burt Tilley, Mathematical Sciences, appointed National Research Council Research Associate, Air Force Research Laboratory-Kirtland AFB (related to sabbatical work)

Andrew Teixeira, Chemical Engineering, NSF CAREER Award for Nitrogen Activation: Splitting Kinetic Cycles and Breaking Energetic Barriers with Pulsed Catalysis and NSF EFRI Award for Precise but Tunable Reactions through Tunably Precise Surfaces

Andrew Teixeira, Chemical Engineering, NSF EFRI Award for Precise but Tunable Reactions through Tunably Precise Surfaces

Mike Timko, Aaron Deskins, Elke Rundensteiner, Lyubov Titova, and Randy Paffenroth, Chemical Engineering, NSF NRT Award for Data-Driven Sustainable Engineering for a Circular Economy

Kun-Ta Wu, Physics, NSF CAREER: Mixing and Vorticity Dynamics in Active Fluid Systems (Continuing grant) 

Eric Young, Biomedical EngineeringNSF CAREER Award, MLSC CERES Award for A Red Yeast Cell Factory

Eric Young and Marsha Rolle, Biomedical Engineering, MLSC Open Capital Program title: Cell Engineering Research Equipment Suite (CERES)


Professional Society Fellows and Awards

Bruce Bursten, Chemistry & Biochemistry, 2020 American Chemical Society (ACS) Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry

Katherine Foo and Sarah Stanlick, The School of Business, Spring 2021 Fellows of Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS)

William Martin, Mathematical Sciences, Fellow, Institute for Combinatorics and its Applications 

Suzanne Scarlata, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)


Selected Distinctions

Kristen Billiar, Biomedical Engineering, Chair-elect for the SB3C (Summer Biomechanics, Biofluids, and Bioengineering Conference) Foundation (2020-2021)

Kristen Billiar, Biomedical Engineering, Chair of the ASME Bioengineering Division 2019-2020

Kristen Billiar , Biomedical Engineering, Named inaugural Associate Editor, Biomedical Engineering Education Journal

Marcel Blais, Mathematical Sciences, Elected to National Professional Science Master’s Association (NPSMA) Board 

Kelly Colvin, Humanities & Arts, WPI Women's Young Investigator Fellowship (2020-2021)

Vladimir Druskin, Mathematical Sciences, Elected Vice Chair of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) for the Activity Group on Geosciences

Jeanine Dudle, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Elected to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the American Water Works Association in June 2020.

Wen-hua Du and Jennifer Rudolph, Humanities and Arts, WPI’s China Hub will be a local host for the National Committee of US China Relations (NCUSCR) annual CHINA Town Hall. This is a combination national event with a nationally telecast interview (this year with Ray Dalio conducted by NCUSCR president Stephen Orlins), followed by a local event, which will also be virtual this year. This will be the 3rd time WPI has been selected as a local host for the event.

Roger Gottlieb, Humanities and Arts, Semi-finalist, The Siskiyou Prize for New Environmental Literature

Ulkuhan Guler, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Won first place in the Interstellar Initiative, sponsored by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development and the New York Academy of Sciences. 

Edward Gutierrez, Humanities and Arts, Official selection, Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival for short film ESCAPE 

Sharon Johnson, The Business School, Received the Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM) Industrial Engineering Excellence in Teaching and Learning award, which was presented at the 5th North American International Conference on IEOM in August 2020

Renata Konrad, The Business School, Selected to be a member of the United Nations University Working Group to identify which multilateral and national policies are proven to combat modern slavery, forced labor, human trafficking, and child labor

Robert Kreuger, Social Science and Policy Studies, Named Ambassador to West Africa by the Regional Studies Association 

Kyumin Lee, Computer Science, 2020 Conference on Information and Knowledge Management Test of Time Award

Diana Lados,  Mechanical Engineering, Elected to the board of directors of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers 

Diana Lados, Mechanical Engineering, Recieved the Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellowship Program 2021 from the University of Melbourne, Australia

Diana Lados, Mechanical Engineering, Received the Higgins II, Milton Prince Distinguished Professorship in Manufacturing

William Martin, Mathematical Sciences, Editorial Board Member, Journal of Combinatorial Designs

William Martin, Mathematical Sciences, Editorial Board Member, Bulletin of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications

Anita Mattson, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Received 2020 Northern Michigan University Alumni Achievement Award

Kate McIntyre, Humanities and Arts, Received 2020 Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction 

Sarah Olson, Mathematical Sciences, Appointed Topics Editor for the journal Fluids 

George Pins, Biomedical Engineering, Re-elected to Leadership Advisory Council, Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI Biofab USA)

Joshua Rohde, Humanities and Arts, Appointed new Music Director for the Rhode Island Civic Chorale & Orchestra 

Jennifer Rudolph, Humanities and Arts, Keynote address, NECLTA Annual International Conference 

Elke Rundensteiner, Data Science, 2020 Conference on Information and Knowledge Management Best Short Paper 

James Ryan, The Business School, Named President of the Association for Information Systems Special Interest Group SIGHealth Information Technology in Healthcare at the Americas Conference on Information Systems 2020

William San Martín , Humanities & Arts, Residency Fellowship, Rachel Carson Center for Environment & Society, Munich, Germany 

Joseph Sarkis, The Business School, Earned his fifth consecutive recognition as a highly cited researcher by the Web of Science (the major journal indexing service and includes only the highest quality journals)

Albert Simeoni, Fire Protection Engineering, Elected to the board of directors of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers 

Albert Simeoni, Fire Protection Engineering, Recipient of the Miegunyah Distinguished Visiting Fellowship Program 2021 from the University of Melbourne, Australia

Stephan Sturm, Mathematical Sciences, Elected to Steering Committee of BIG Math Network, Steering Committee 

Karen Troy, Biomedical Engineering, Created the scientific program for the 2020 Annual meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics, organizing abstract submission and review, a pivot to a fully virtual program (due to the coronavirus pandemic), and the creation of an entirely new virtual conference experience. 

Yan Wang, Mechanical Engineering, Served on the Massachusetts Battery Energy Storage Ecosystem Innovation Ecosystem Steering Committee.

Alexander Wyglinski, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Elected a member of the Board of Governors, IEEE Vehicular Technology Society and Technical Editor, IEEE Communications Magazine.

Vadim Yakovlev, Mathematical Sciences, Co-Chair, special Workshop “High-Power Microwave Industrial Applications, “European Microwave Week 2020 

Keith Zizza, Computer Science, with Adryen J. Gonzalez & Edward Gutierrez, Humanities and Arts, Official selection, Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival for short film ESCAPE 


Editorials and Publications

Joseph Fehribach, Mathematical Sciences, Publication of textbook Multivariable and Vector Calculus with De Gruyter

Mayer Humi, Mathematical Sciences, Editor’s pick, September issue of Journal of Mathematical Physics, for the article “On the evolution of a primordial interstellar gas cloud”, volume 61, page 093504 

Michael Johnson, Fiona C. Levey, Mathematical Sciences, First in ASEE-NE Faculty paper category, Fundamental Mathematical Skill Development in Engineering Education

Umberto Mosco, Mathematical Sciences, Special journal issue dedication, “Special Issue of the Journal Rend. Mat. Appl.  (7) Volume 41 (2020), 189-192, celebrating the Umberto Mosco’s birthday.” Issue contains original research papers dedicated to Umberto by highly distinguished mathematicians in the field of partial differential equations and their applications.

Sarah Olson, Mathematical Sciences, 2019 Mathematical Medicine & Biology Best Paper Prize (awarded in 2020)


Patent Inventors and Patents

Sakthi Ambady, Biomedical Engineering, Sakthi Ambady’s MQP team filed a provisional patent in 2020 entitled “BRACE FOR PATELLOFEMORAL ARTHRITIS” where Ahmet Sabuncu and Kris Billiar are coinventors. DonJoy is currently evaluating the design to include in their product line.

Marsha Rolle, Biomedical Engineering, New issued patent: Peterson, A.; Rolle, M.; Ding, I. Coated Cell Culture Apparatus. Issued August 4, 2020, as U.S. Patent No. 10,731,145.  B132

Kristen Billiar, Biomedical Engineering, “Surgical retraction device” Jacquelyne DiTroia, Caroline Mazzola, Andres Monterroso, Patricia Swierk, Arriyan Samandar Dowlatshahi, Kristen Billiar, Raymond M. Dunn, US Patent 10624622, April 21, 2020.

Michael Timko, Chemical Engineering, US20180119089A1 Patent for Microbial system for biosynthesis of natural and engineered products coupled to in situ extraction in supercritical co2


Grant Recipients

Pamela Weathers, Biology & Biotechnology

 Scarlet Shell, Biology & Biotechnology

 Jeannine Coburn, Biomedical Engineering

 Catherine Whittington, Biomedical Engineering

 Glenn Gaudette, Biomedical Engineering

 Kristen Billiar, Biomedical Engineering

 Marsha Rolle, Biomedical Engineering

 Karen Troy, Biomedical Engineering

Terri Camesano, Chemical Engineering

Andrew Teixeira, Chemical Engineering

 Jennifer Wilcox, Chemical Engineering

 Walter Zurawsky, Chemical Engineering

 Michael Timko, Chemical Engineering

 Nikolaos Kazantzis, Chemical Engineering

 Arne Gericke, Chemistry & Biochemistry

 Shawn Burdette, Chemistry & Biochemistry

 Patricia Musacchio, Chemistry & Biochemistry

 Shichao Liu, Civil & Environmental Engineering

 Harold Walker, Civil & Environmental Engineering

 Mingjiang Tao, Civil & Environmental Engineering

 Emmanuel Agu, Computer Science

 Joseph Beck, Computer Science

 Loris Fichera, Computer Science

 Elke Rundensteiner, Computer Science

 Yanhua Li, Computer Science

 Craig Shue, Computer Science

 Jacob Whitehill, Computer Science

 Dmitry Korkin, Computer Science

 Alexander Wyglinski, Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Patrick Schaumont, Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Ziming Zhang, Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Xinming Huang, Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Andrew Clark, Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Maqsood A Mughal, Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Fatemeh Ganji, Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Berk Sunar, Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Shamsnaz Bhada, Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Shahin Tajik, Electrical & Computer Engineering

 Albert Simeoni, Fire Protection Engineering

 John S Galante, Humanities & Arts

 Joseph Doiron, IGSD

 Todd Keiller, Intellectual Property & Innovation

 Katherine Chen, K-12 Outreach

 Luca Capogna, Mathematical Sciences

 Vadim Yakovlev, Mathematical Sciences

 Zhongqiang Zhang, Mathematical Sciences

 Vladimir Druskin, Mathematical Sciences

 Balgobin Nandram, Mathematical Sciences

 Min Wu, Mathematical Sciences

 Randy Paffenroth, Mathematical Sciences

 Fangfang Wang, Mathematical Sciences

 Sarah Olson, Mathematical Sciences

 Sam Walcott, Mathematical Sciences

 Pratap Rao, Mechanical Engineering

 Adam Powell Mechanical Engineering

 Gregory Fischer, Mechanical Engineering

 Yihao Zheng, Mechanical Engineering

 Cosme Furlong, Mechanical Engineering

 Nikolaos Gatsonis, Mechanical Engineering

 Jamal Yagoobi, Mechanical Engineering

 Yan Wang, Mechanical Engineering

 Lyubov Titova, Physics

 Seyed Zekavat, Physics

 Kun-Ta Wu, Physics

Ramdas Ram-Mohan, Physics

 Jing Xiao, Robotics Engineering

 Michael Gennert, Robotics Engineering

 Gregory Fischer, Robotics Engineering

 Zhi Li, Robotics Engineering

 Bengisu Tulu, The Business School

 Eleanor Loiacono, The Business School

 Sara Saberi, The Business School

 Jeanine Skorinko, Social Science & Policy Studies

 Robert Krueger, Social Science & Policy Studies

 Laureen Elgert, Social Science & Policy Studies