Course Change

Course changes can be made online until 4 pm on the fifth day of classes for each term.  


Course change (add/drop) and Project/Independent study registration without penalty for terms A-E may occur through the 5th day of the term, not including weekends. On days 6-10 of the term, not including weekends, add/drops are permitted with instructor approval.  A $100 late fee will be charged per class (for adds) on days 6-10. No add/drops are allowed after day 10.


Graduate course change (add/drop) without penalty may occur prior to the third meeting of the course.  A $100 late fee will be charged for course changes made after the 3rd course meeting and before the 4th.  Course changes after the 4th course meeting will result in a grade of W (withdrawal) and will be issued until the 10th week of the term.  No tuition or fees will be refunded during the withdrawal period.


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