Course Registration

Web Registration Starting Time

For Web Registration, each student will be assigned a Registration Starting Time based on student class level and units earned at the end of the last term of attendance. Transfer course work is included in determining earned units. Please check your e-mail for notification of your registration time.  You will not be allowed to access Web Registration until your scheduled starting time. Registration Starting Times cannot be changed. If you are unable to register at your starting time, you may register at any time after your scheduled Registration Starting Time via the Web. It is not possible to prevent a conflict between your current class schedule and your Registration Starting Time.  If you do not register during early registration, you must Late Register and pay Late Registration fees.

Online Registration

Please read these instructions before logging into Web registration. You may find it useful to print this out and have it handy while registering.  If you need registration assistance, please see your academic advisor or visit the Registrar's Office.

  1. If you are a current WPI student, login to WPI's Web Information System (and follow the additional steps below).  If you are not a WPI student, you must complete and submit the Non-Degee Student Summer Registration Form to the Registrar's Office.
  2. Enter your user ID number  and your 6-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).  If you have forgotten your PIN, there is a link on this page to retrieve or reset it.
  3. Click on "Student Services & Financial Aid."
  4. Click on "Registration."
  5. Click on "Add/Drop Classes." Then "Select a Term." Click "Submit Term" button.
  6. E-mail Verification:
    Give us a preferred e-mail address. Follow the instructions on the web page. Your preferred e-mail address is required for Web Registration. Click on "View/Update E-mail Addresses" link to update.
  7. Enter the CRNs for the classes you wish to register for in the spaces provided. When you have entered them all, click the "Submit Changes" button.
  8. Check for Registration Errors: Check the bottom of the Registration page for any errors. For help with registration errors, click on "Help" button.
  9. Search for a Class: You may search for a class by clicking on the "Class Search" button. You may search by Subject and Course Number, Title, Instructor, Time, and Day. You must select a Subject for your search.
  10. View and Print Your Schedule: After you have finished registering for classes, view your schedule by clicking on "View Student Schedule" at the bottom of the page. Then print a copy of your schedule by clicking your Browser's "Print" button at the top of the screen.

Web Registration Pointers

Web registration is really quite simple, but here are some things to be aware of before you get started.

  • Be sure to check your student records for any holds at least one day prior to your registration starting time. This will give you time to clear any holds before you register.
  • Your preferred e-mail address is required for Web Registration. Click on "View/Update E-mail Addresses" link and follow the instructions.
  • Go over your desired schedule with your advisor before you attempt to register.
  • Use the scroll bars at the side and top of the windows to view the entire screen.
  • Always scroll to the bottom of your schedule when adding and dropping classes so you can view any unresolved errors as indicated by the stop sign.
  • The Web will check time conflicts when you register. You must resolve the conflict by changing one of the courses before your registration will be accepted by the online system.
  • You may make changes to your schedule on the Web anytime after your scheduled registration starting time.
  • ALWAYS print your schedule after making changes on the Web. Print from "Student Schedule by Day and Time." This is your documentation of your changes.
  • If you have forgotten your PIN you may reset it through the WPI website. Login to WPI's Web Information System then click on the link "Click here if you have forgotten your PIN."

Waitlist Information

Waitlists for closed courses are established chronologically.  Students must claim approved seats upon notification of the seat being available.  Waitlists for each term are abolished at noontime on the first day of classes of that term.  Any unclaimed seats are available to all students on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The typical advice given to students regarding waitlisting courses includes the following:

  1. While you have nothing to lose by putting your name on the waitlist, always have an alternate plan in mind in case you do not get a seat from the waitlist.
  2. Do not drop a class until after you have received a seat from the waitlist.
  3. Be patient and keep checking your WPI e-mail.

You should discuss selection of an alternate class with your academic advisor in case you are not able to get into the course that you are waitlisted for.  If you get the message "Open - ## waitlisted", this means that a waitlist exists but there are seats available.  Those available seats, however, will be offered to the students on the waitlist first.  We suggest you add yourself to the waitlist at this point.  Please be advised that the web will allow you to waitlist a course that will have a time conflict with another course you are registered for or for a course that will put you in an overload status.

Waitlists are moved weekly throughout the prior term up until the start of the next term.  If you are waitlisted for a course, please keep checking your WPI e-mail.  When a seat becomes available, you will receive an e-mail from the Registrar's Office.  Once you receive an email from the Registrar's Office informing you of an available seat, please go directly to Banner web and register for the course.  Please note:  If you do not register for the course within 72 hours of receipt of the notification email, you will lose the seat. 

***The only term this does not apply to is A Term.  The waitlists for A Term are moved twice before classes end for the summer and then again in August prior to the start of A Term classes.***

Overload Information

The standard course load for WPI students is one unit per term (exclusive of courses for ROTC and Physical Education, which do not count towards overloads).  Students may register in advance for a maximum of one unit in any term.  Registration for courses which will result in an overload may take place, on a space-available basis, as of the first day of the term in which that course is offered.  A student may not include any portion of qualifying work (project or Sufficiency) as part of an overload without the approval of both the academic and project advisors.  Written approval will be requested before registration can be completed in such cases.  Overload charges will be computed each semester based on the course and project load included in the student's final term registration.

As of the Fall of 2009, students can take up to 21 credits per semester with their advisors' approval (excluding PE and MS credits) without incurring an overload expense.  This allows students to take an additional course per semester, over and above the standard six course schedule (or two units), and there will be no charge for that additional course.  Beyond 21 credits, the fee per credit will be set at the standard credit fee (see accounting website for details).

Course Scheduler

The course scheduler is a useful online tool to help students plan and structure their courses each term.  It can be found at:


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