Closing Procedures

Closing Facts

When do the halls officially close?

Thursday, May 7th @ 12pm  

When should you leave?

Within 24 Hours of your last final  

What if I can’t get a ride or I have extenuating circumstances?

You can fill out a late stay request form no later than April 30th. You will be notified by May 1st if you have permission to stay. Be prepared that you may be told you cannot stay and should make other arrangements. Cost to stay late is $35.00 a day.   If you live in certain areas of campus you may be asked to relocated so that we may prepare for various summer programs.  

What if I am graduating, working graduation or have another reason I need to stay?

Fill out the late stay request form no later than April 30th.   

How do I Check Out?

Prior to Tuesday, May 5th

Contact your RA no less than 24 hours in advance to make a check out appointment

Tuesday, May 5th & Wednesday, May 6th

12:00pm-9:00pm (Tuesday) - 9:00am-9:00pm (Wednesday) 

Call 508-831-5645 or fill out our request form (coming soon) when you are ready to check out. Ready to checkout means that your belongings are out of your space and the space is cleaned. When the RA comes to your room they will inspect it and collect your key. They will lock your room door when finished. If you are not ready when an RA arrives you will have to reschedule….make sure to plan ahead. (average wait is approx. 15 minutes)


Find your RA to check out. (all RA’s are on duty)


If you do not want to wait to check out with an RA, or it is after Midnight, our EXPRESS CHECK OUT option is always available. Envelopes can be picked up from the Office of Residential Services during the day (8am-5pm) and 24 hours a day from Campus Police (located in Founders Hall Basement).

Thursday, May 7th


RA staff in your building will be available to check you out.


Damage Billing Facts

  • If you have any damage in your room, suite, apartment, or floor—you may be charged.
  • Damage is considered anything, beyond normal wear and tear, that is different in your room than was noted on your original room condition sheet. 
  • If you have information on any damages that have occurred in common areas of your building, please contact Res Services ASAP. When we are unable to discern the individual who caused this common area damage, charges are split by the floor/building.
  • Please be aware you will see these charges on your bill.
  • If you do an express check out, you do NOT have the option of appealing your damage charges.
  • Each room will be inspected by Residential Services staff after the buildings are vacant. If any additional damages are found during this inspection, they will be added to your RCS.  

How much are damages going to cost me?

Here are a few examples of common damage costs (costs may be raised for 2015):
Actual costs are verified with Facilities and Res Services staff

Lost Keys: Room Door $75 Room Door (apts/suites) $300

**If your key is not turned in at time of check-out, the door will need to be re-cored and the above charge will apply**

  • Writing on your door $10
  • Tear or stains on your carpet $20
  • Holes in your wall as much as $25
  • Missing Peephole $33
  • Damage to bed mattress as much as $90
  • Lounge furniture damage as much as $850
  • Bathroom damage as much as $200
  • Exit Sign damage $75
  • Fire/Smoke/Heat detector $92
  • Tape on Walls $20



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