WPI Community Development

Providing Education and Awareness that Makes a Difference

The SDCC is committed to cultivating a caring community by providing education and awareness that makes a difference. This is done through a variety of comprehensive educational programs which include campus committees and peer education organizations.

Alcohol & Drug Education. Providing education, assessment, and intervention designed to reduce the negative consequences associated with substance abuse.

Peer Education Groups. Utilizing the student voice to promote awareness on topics related to mental wellness and promote a safer campus environment.

Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention. Paving the way to a healthier and safer campus by educating students about sexual assault and violence prevention and connecting survivors to resources that support their recovery.

Student Support Network. Delivering an eye-opening six-week training program for students and faculty members that imparts the skills needed to recognize and help friends in crisis.

Community Development

  • Student volunteers invite their peers to join them in raising campus awareness about mental health through the Active Minds organization.

  • At events, the SDCC engages students in activities that are fun and relieve stress—like taking a swing at a piñata.

  • Volunteers hang T-shirts for The Clothesline Project, bringing issues of violence against women and non-heterosexuals to life for the campus.

  • Each shirt in The Clothesline Project gives voice to a victim (as well as friends and families) of sexual abuse, domestic violence or assault.

  • WPI student volunteers and SDCC staff keep dialog about mental health going all year long on campus, through events and group activities.

  • Send Silence Packing displays 1,100 backpacks to remember the college students whose lives are lost to suicide during each year.

  • Created by survivors affected by suicides, each backpack tells a personal story that may help save others and puts a “face” to loved ones lost.

  • We encourage all WPI students to participate, to help keep safety, community, and good mental health a top priority through their college careers.

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Questions About these Programs?

Call the SDCC at +1-508-831-5540 or visit us at 157 West Street (off Institute Road) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Student Support Network

Where students are trained and committed to improving the quality of life for all members of the WPI community.

I truly believe that SSN training helped me... I'm now able to pick up on when someone else is having problems, and I feel more equipped to help them handle whatever they're going through...