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WPI is a leader in engaging students in projects that contribute to sustainability around the world. WPI has committed itself to do even more to improve the environmental and economic sustainability of our operations and enhance our scholarly and educational contributions to the wider social, environmental, and economic systems within which the university is embedded. 

Email us at green@wpi.edu

What You Can Do

Using Less Energy To Do Even More

Take action in your personal life and make responsible choices from the start. Check out the following guides on living sustainably and efficiently at WPI and beyond.

Student Organizations

Student Involvement is what drives sustainability on the WPI campus. From the university's first recycling program to our annual fuel efficient vehicle show, many sustainability initiatives have been direct results of student action. The following organizations give students the opportunity to join a community passionate about bettering the planet and making a difference right on campus or around the world.


The WPI Green Team is a student organization that aims to promote a sustainable environment at WPI and in the Worcester community. The organization engages in sustainable projects including WPI’s waste audit and an e-waste drive. The Green Team is open to new ideas and projects and strives to be a leading sustainability group on the WPI campus.

 Contact greenteamexecs@wpi.edu


Food Recovery Network unites students on college campuses to fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste from their campuses and communities and donating it to people in need. WPI's chapter was started in 2015 by a group of students in the Global Problem Seminar: Livable Cities

Contact: bdleveillee@wpi.edu 


Students for a Just and Stable Future is a regional student organization focused on environmental responsibility and social justice. SJSF actively fights the instigators of global climate change and social injustice by means of introducing state legislature that demands clean energy and the abolition of coal, non-violent direct action against international fossil fuel campaigns, and other forms of political activism and grassroots movement.

 Contact sjsfexecs@wpi.edu


Each chapter of EWB-USA partners with a community to try and improve the community's quality of life. Typically this is achieved through implementation of environmentally friendly and economically sustainable engineering projects with a heavy focus on community involvement. Through hard work during the school year and on location trips, WPI students in our club are given the opportunity to work hands on with real world engineering projects.

 Contact: ewb-execs@wpi.edu


Global Humanitarian Alliance is a platform to promote awareness, enhance critical consciousness, and encourage action on relevant happenings in the local and global community. Our mission is to offer resources and skills to our members to help them engage with these issues.

Contact: ghaofficers@wpi.edu


The WPI Habitat for Humanity club supports the local community by volunteering at Worcester Restore and participating in Worcester Build projects in collaboration with the Worcester Habitat Affiliate. On campus, enthusiastic members spread awareness about poverty and homelessness with fundraising and events. 

Contact: habitatexec@wpi.edu


We are a group of vegetarians and vegans who provide support and resources to those currently living and those seeking to try a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. We also work to promote the benefits of vegetarianism and veganism on the WPI campus in a non-judgmental manner.

Contact: vegexecs@wpi.edu

Sustainability Leadership

The Director and Assistant Director of Sustainability hold regular meetings with student sustainability leaders on campus to discuss sustainability initiatives and stay connected. These meetings aim to:

1. Provide support to groups working towards a more sustainable community

2. Gain valuable input on new and currant initiatives

3. Encourage students to play a larger role in operations and social wellness at WPI 

Already, these leaders have contributed to the creation of a sustainability minor, a new Food Recovery Network program, and outreach on the sustainability website. And there's plenty more to come! If you are interested in joining the conversation email green@wpi.edu.