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Great Minds at Work:
A Community Where You Belong


Growth, Innovation, Excitement, and Community

WPI is a community. Problem solvers. Game changers. Everyday heroes. So much comes together to create the truly distinctive WPI culture. It begins with pride—the pride that comes from a sense of accomplishment, and the recognition that what we do here makes a real difference to our society and our future.

The WPI culture is distinctive. Ongoing personal growth and professional development opportunities ensure that we never stop learning and discovering. Diverse cultural events feed the spirit, and fitness programs keep the body strong. Work-life balance fosters a healthy and positive attitude while cross-campus partnerships and cooperation builds an appreciation for everyone’s contribution. We are all focused on using the brainpower on WPI's campus to make the world a better place. 

Gender Inclusive Restrooms and Preferred Names at WPI

WPI wants all community members to feel welcome and comfortable. Several gender inclusive restrooms exist across campus. Students, faculty, and staff who prefer to use a chosen name rather than their given name may identify themselves with their preferred name on their official WPI ID. Read more about how those decisions were made to make our campus inclusive of everyone.

Celebrating Multiculturalism on Campus

The Office of Multicultural Affairs works collaboratively with groups and offices across campus to celebrate the ways different cultures and beliefs are honored in all aspects of life in the WPI community.

Community Spotlight: Shawn McAvey

What's involved in being the equipment and facilities manager at WPI? Take it from the man himself, Shawn McAvey, who first arrived on campus in 1990: "It's a little bit of everything."

Beyond the Classroom: Susan Roberts, Chemical Engineer and Football Coach

Ready for some football? Susan Roberts is—she's not just a professor and head of WPI's chemical engineering department; she's also the only female coach in the Wachusett Flag Football League, where she coaches her eight-year-old daughter Emmelyn’s team

Community Spotlight: Officer Robert Vandal

Officer Robert Vandal has been keeping the peace for four decades, both on and off campus. Along the way, he’s made the rounds at WPI, giving public safety talks and presenting risk management sessions to students. What he didn’t expect was to land a role that officers don’t normally play—advisor to a college fraternity.

Beyond the Classroom: Terri Camesano, Dean and Competitive Dancer

As she will attest, Terri Camesano isn’t one to do anything half-heartedly. WPI’s dean of graduate studies, a mom of three girls, and a competitive ballroom dancer on the ProAm Dance Sport circuit, says each piece of her life balances out the other parts.

Working for a Common Mission

WPI is known for its rigorous approach to research and education. But we also have a reputation for being a place where people of all levels and of all disciplines collaborate. Whether in our open labs, as part of a mentorship program, or in classrooms, our faculty, staff, and students work together to make WPI a leading global polytechnic.

United Way at WPI

WPI’s involvement with the United Way is a reflection of the deeply held beliefs of community generosity and spirit that permeates WPI. Each fall, WPI’s United Way campaign raises funds to support this important organization. Learn more about the United Way.

Seven members of the Footpounders run together around the WPI track.

Health and Wellness at WPI

At WPI, wellness means taking care of the whole employee. Employees are encouraged to choose a path to wellness that fits their personal style, so they are offered many options. From seminars on stress management or healthy cooking to popular lunchtime fitness classes, we encourage employees to find what works for them.