Diverse, equitable, and inclusive practice is vital for WPI’s ability to grow and innovate in a fast-changing environment. To help drive change in these areas, WPI is forming employee-led, self-directed voluntary Inclusive Excellence Employee Resource Groups—great minds at work.

IEERGs offer opportunities for employees to network internally, to provide the inclusion of ideas and solutions, and to create opportunities for mentoring and career development. These groups highlight WPI’s commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion across campus and to supporting employees’ professional development. IEERGs help attract a diverse employee base and further tap the extraordinary resources and talents of WPI’s employees. 

In this introductory phase, WPI seeks to build groups in these IEERGs affinity areas:

  • Women in STEM
  • Veterans/Military
  • Young Professionals
  • Working Parents/Guardians
  • Social Justice
  • Cognitive and Physical Challenges
  • Expatriates
IEERG is a fancy way of saying support networks. Everyone benefits from a support network - that safety net of individuals who will hold you down and help you fill some of those institutional gaps, with power, creativity, support, and a space to just be.
Christelle Hayles
Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Division of Talent & Inclusion

Great Minds at Work...

Best practices in higher education institutions indicate that when these groups are established, employees become more engaged in identifying ways to leverage diversity and increase inclusion and equity across the organization. The groups will have the flexibility and autonomy to operate independently to create a vision and follow through according to the group’s decisions.

Objectives for IEERGs 

  • create communities across WPI that align with the institution’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • create connections with others, share knowledge, raise and build cohesiveness
  • collaborate with colleagues to support personal growth and professional development
  • consider opportunities to share best practices and ideas with leaders across the institution
  • share best practices and learnings with other IEERGs across the campus and externally
employee resources
We hope people will explore the IEERGs to network and create meaningful connections with others with similar affinity interests. This builds greater institutional camaraderie and capacity for innovation and creates a stronger sense of belonging.
Michelle Jones-Johnson
Vice President of Talent & Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer
Division of Talent & Inclusion