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To ensure the safety of our community, WPI is moving quickly to promote and enable social distancing by encouraging remote working for those employees who can perform their job responsibilities at home. Our priorities are to:

  • Maintain a safe and healthy workplace by minimizing the transmission of contagious disease; 
  • Sustain academic programs and operational continuity;
  • Encourage fairness, open communications and concern for the wellbeing of our community.  

Our overall goal is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our community while the campus remains open and core operations continue.

Effective immediately and through March 31:

  • All WPI employees who can work remotely should make arrangements with their managers to do so. Managers should be flexible when considering requests to work remotely on a temporary basis.
  • Remote working is designed to allow employees to work remotely just as they would in the office (e.g. answer calls, communicate via email, work on projects, attend meetings via teleconference).
  • For employees whose work cannot be done remotely, managers should encourage their teams to conduct meetings virtually and implement creative strategies to reduce the density of employees on campus.
  • Employees working remotely should be accessible during normal business hours.
  • All employees will continue to be paid, whether they are working on campus or remotely. Non-exempt employees should not work beyond their standard hours. Remote work is not eligible for overtime.
  • Resources for Managers: Managing Remote Teams in WPI’s Learning Academy

More information will be forthcoming as this situation evolves.

Updated March 13, 2020