WPI academic scholarship in engineering and applied science stems from a strong history of cross- and interdisciplinary research, industrial associations, and applications focused research initiatives. 

The Research at WPI website describes research activities of the university departments and centers, consortia, and institutes. Collaborative efforts such as the Center for Comparative Neuro-Imaging (CCNI) with UMMC are also described therein.

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Title Research Category Patent Application Inventor(s)
Acrylic-tape Hybrid Microfluidic Platform Advanced Materials Manufacturing & Mobility, Health & Biotechnology US 62666826 Yuxiang Liu, Yundong Ren, Subhrodeep Ray
Binding Plate to Reduce the Number of ACL Injuries as well as Inadvertent Releases in Alpine Skiing Health & Biotechnology US9339719B2 Christopher A. Brown, John M. Madura
Blood Alcohol Content Sensing System Health & Biotechnology US 15/783,414 Emmanuel O. Agu, Christina Aiello
Cell-Derived Matrix Scaffold Health & Biotechnology US20130345118A1 Marsha W. Rolle, Tanja Dominko, Terri Anne Camesano, Fioleda Prifti, Denis Kole
Cheap, Novel Process to Obtain Scandium from Red Mud with High Selectivity Advanced Materials Manufacturing & Mobility US 62,504,703 Marion H Emmert, Remya P. Narayanan
Controlling Network Threats Cyber Data & Security Science and Engineering US20170063859A1 Craig A. Shue
Developing Additive Manufactured Battery Electrodes Advanced Materials Manufacturing & Mobility US20170062798A1 Yan Wang, Zhangfeng Zheng, Heng Pan, Brandon Ludwig
Dynamically Fitting Unconstrained Nitinol Tracheal Stent Health & Biotechnology 62/636,608 Harry Chartoff, Anna Kjelgaard, Tyler Marshall, Joe Switzer
Edge Sharpness Measurement Cyber Data & Security Science and Engineering US9651466B2 Christopher A. Brown, Jocelyn Close, Jason Hopkins, Michael Dragonas, Frank Burton
Fixation Identification Using Density Optimization Health & Biotechnology US20180032816A1 Soussan Djamasbi, Andrew C. Trapp, Wen Liu
Flexible Articulating Surgical Laser Probe Health & Biotechnology 62/818,356 Loris Fichera, Kevin O’Brien, Zachary R. Boyer, Cory T. Brolliar, Benjamin G. Mart, Gregory S. Fischer, Kenneth Stafford and Thomas Carroll
Fluid Flow Control Valve Robotics & Cyberphysical Systems 62/802,933 Marko B. Popovic, Shannon Moffat, Julia D'Agostino
Get Up ‘N’ Go Health & Biotechnology 62/378,828 Alexandra Miller
Image-Based Computational Mechanical Analysis and Indexing for Cardiovascular Diseases Health & Biotechnology US7751984B2 Zheyang Wu, Dalin Tang
Image-based Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Advanced Materials Manufacturing & Mobility US 15/862,942 Yousef Mahmoud, El-Sadaany Ehab
Immersive Head Worn Display Robotics & Cyberphysical Systems US9905052B2 Robert Lindeman
Improving Cell Fate Yield and Reliability Health & Biotechnology US20170166884A1 Marsha W. Rolle, Anthony D'Amico, Amy Peterson
Improving Life of Steel-Reinforced Concrete Structures by 300% Advanced Materials Manufacturing & Mobility US20170044379A1 Aaron R. Sakulich, Amy Peterson, Yixi Chen, Chris Xia
Measurement Equipment with Outlier Filter Advanced Materials Manufacturing & Mobility US20180038687A1 Christopher A. Brown, Storie Nivers, Matthew A. Gleason, David Etievant, Tomas Bartkowiak
Method and Apparatus for Modeling Electromagnetic Fields using Hermite Finite Elements Cyber Data & Security Science and Engineering 62/689,307 L. Ramdas Ram-Mohan, Sathwik Bharadwaj, Siddhant Pandey
Method for Making a Recommendation for a Package of Food Health & Biotechnology 16/256,805 Soussan Djamasbi, Prateek Jain
Method of enzymatic crosslinking of fibrin microthread scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine Health & Biotechnology 62/714,356 George D Pins, Jeannine M Coburn, Meagan Carnes, Rebecca Mooney
Multi-Channel Electrophysiologic Signal Data Acquisition System on an Integrated Circuit Health & Biotechnology US20060173364A1 Edward A. Clancy, John A. McNeill, William R. Michalson
Multi-Modal RF Coil for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Health & Biotechnology US7084630B2 Reinhold Ludwig, Gene Bogdanov, Aghogho Obi
Nano-scale Quantum Transport Design and Manufacturing System Cyber Data & Security Science and Engineering 62/673,504 Sathwik Bharadwaj, L. R. Ram-Mohan
Network Security at Home Cyber Data & Security Science and Engineering US20170180382A1 Craig A. Shue, Curtis Taylor
Non-Braille Assistive Keyboard for Individuals with Visual Impairments Learning Sciences & Technology 62,754,762 Sreshtaa Rajesh, Eesha Verma, Itihaas Kommanavancha
Non-invasive Device for Equine Lung Function Testing Health & Biotechnology 15/916,628 Lucy Garvey, Lubna Hassan, Kyla Nichols, Allison Paquin
Novel Biomarker Necessary for Survival of Pre-cancer and Cancer Cells Health & Biotechnology US20160168647A1 Tanja Dominko, Sarah Hernandez
Printing Large 3D Scale Structures Advanced Materials Manufacturing & Mobility US20170095973A1 Sarah Chamberlain, Richard Eberheim
Retrofitting Buildings for Energy Efficiency Advanced Materials Manufacturing & Mobility US20160001508A1 Steven Van Dessel
Robotic Platform Technologies to Improve Evaluation and Outcome of Autism Therapy Learning Sciences & Technology, Robotics and Health US10176725B2 Gregory S. Fischer, Professor Laurie Dickstein-Fischer, Hao Su, WPI Student Inventor, Kevin Harrington, WPI Student Inventor, Elizabeth Harrington, WPI Student Inventor
Shock Absorbing Skate Health & Biotechnology US9089763B2 Christopher A. Brown, Karin E. Greene, Devon L. Rehm
Stylus Writing Aid Learning Sciences & Technology 62/831,365 Shane Whittaker ’19, Thomas Ward ’19, Nathan Rose ’19
Sugar: A Revolutionary Diabetes Application Health & Biotechnology US20150119721A1 Peder C. Pedersen, Diane M. Strong, Emmanuel O. Agu, Bengisu Tulu, Lei Wang, Qian He
Supported Molten-Salt Electrolyte Unitized Regenerative Hydrogen-Halogen Fuel Cell (SMSC-URHHFC) for Electrical Storage Advanced Materials Manufacturing & Mobility US9431672B2 Ravindra Datta, Drew Martino
The Compact Retract: Drop Foot Orthotic Health & Biotechnology 62/651,911 Julia Dunn, Steven Franca, Lauren Guertin
The Pick Me Up Stander Walker Health & Biotechnology 62/733,701 Caleigh Waskowicz
Two Degree of Freedom Powered Orthosis Health & Biotechnology US8246559B2 Allen H. Hoffman, Michael Scarsella, Steven P. Toddes, Daniel N. Abramovich
Use of Chloroplasts for Oxygen Production in Cell Cultures Health & Biotechnology 62/734,314 Glenn R. Gaudette, Tanja Dominko, Joshua Gershlak, Brent Perlman
Warming Antiseptic Applicator Health & Biotechnology US 62 835,683 Kalyn Ricciuti '19, Alicia Costi ’19 , Emily Kolaya ‘19, Ravneet Kaur ‘19, Dr. Sarwat Hussain – UMass Medical School, Evan Ruppell – Umass Medical School