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Anyone accused of discrimination, harassment, sexual assault, interpersonal violence, or stalking is accused of violating the Title IX policy. Being accused of a violation of this policy can be stressful and respondents may choose to seek additional assistance.

It can be difficult to decide what to do when accused of violating the policy.  Those accused of a Title IX violations (respondents) may wish to consult with one or more of the following available resources:

Student Development and Counseling Center, 508-831-5540 or The SDCC is available throughout the school year for any enrolled student in need of mental health assistance, including those experiencing trauma. It is important when making an appointment to say why you want an appointment so the best treatment possible can be provided. 

WPI Collegiate Religious Center Chaplains. The chaplains are available for college community members seeking spiritual guidance and support.

Confidential Resource Advisors (CRAs).  CRAs are specially trained employees who can assist respondents with making decisions.  They are available to both students and employees, and your conversations will remain confidential, and no report will be made to the Title IX Office.  CRAs can continue to be a source of support throughout the process.  They can provide info about the investigative and disciplinary process, counseling services, medical and health services, academic accommodations, and legal process carried out through law enforcement. They can also assist with coordinating accommodations and interim measures to change academic, living, campus transportation, or working arrangements in response to participating in the investigative and/or disciplinary process.  A full list of CRA's for the current academic year can be found here.

For faculty and staff respondents:​

Employee Assistance Program
Faculty and staff may use the EAP, administered through E4 Health, which provides confidential, professional assistance to help employees and their families resolve problems that affect their personal lives or job performance. All employees can obtain referrals for counseling, legal counsel, and other types of assistance by contacting EAP. Find out more information about the EAP or call 800-828-6025.

Other Resources:

The Title IX Coordinator can also assist with implementing interim measures or accommodations. These may include room changes; campus escorts; arranging to dissolve a housing contract and pro-rating a refund; exam, paper, or assignment rescheduling; work assignment or shift rescheduling; taking an incomplete in a class; transferring class sections when available; leave of absence; alternative course completion options; and counseling assistance.  In some instances, the Title IX Coordinator may be able to assist with off-campus resources and accommodations as well.