Amy M. Peterson

Title: Researcher, Chemical Engineering
Department: Chemical Engineering
Amy M. Peterson
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
BS Drexel University 2007
PhD Drexel University 2011
Postdoc Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces 2011-2013
I am excited to be at WPI! I value the focus on project-based learning and I really enjoy mentoring students in the lab and in the classroom. I teach CHE 2014 and have taught graduate level electives in polymer composites and polyelectrolytes, as well as graduate level reactor design. I really enjoy advising MQP teams, and many of my teams have won awards at WPI and externally.My research group studies processing-structure-property relationships in polymers and polymer composites, with a focus on interfacial phenomena in layer-by-layer systems (polyelectrolyte and additive manufacturing). We study both fundamental aspects of polyelectrolyte multilayers (PEMs) and their application. Polyelectrolytes’ affinity for water complicates measurement of many physical and mechanical properties, limiting prediction and fundamental understanding of their behavior. We use humidity controlled dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) to measure properties and characterize the structure of polyelectrolytes and their complexes. We also study the role of assembly conditions on surface properties and growth factor release as well as inkjet printing of PEMs for point-of-care antibiotic-releasing bandage assembly. In the area of additive manufacturing, my group has been studying the effect of assembly conditions on resulting physical and mechanical properties using both experimental and computational techniques. We are interested in tailoring properties and in understanding the relationships between interlayer polymer diffusion, interlayer adhesion, and residual thermal stress.
Amy M. Peterson
Life Sciences & Bioengineering Center, Gateway Park I: GP4002
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NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Research Fellowship