Fuller Labs 134
+1 (508) 8315408
BS Eotvos University 1990
MS Rutgers University 1994
PhD Rutgers University 1994
Postdoc University of Pennsylvania 1994-96

My research interests are in graph theory, discrete mathematics, and theoretical computer science. I am especially interested in studying the structure of very large graphs,; an area that is getting more and more important these days. I enjoy teaching at WPI; in particular, I enjoy the project experience. I am the founder and director of the Budapest Project Center, the first and only WPI Project Center in Eastern Europe. I love sports, especially tennis and soccer.

Scholarly Work

Partitioning 2-edge-colored Ore-type graphs by monochromatic cycles.'' Journal of Graph Theory 81, 2016, pp. 317–328 (with Janos Barat)
Cycles in bipartite graphs and an application in Number Theory.'' Journal of Graph Theory, 19 (3), 1995, pp. 323-331.
Complete tripartite subgraphs in the coprime graph of integers.'' Discrete Mathematics, 202, 1999, pp. 227-238.
On a Turán-type hypergraph problem of Brown, Erdos and T. Sós.'' Discrete Mathematics 297, 2005, pp. 190-195 (with Stanley Selkow).
Size of monochromatic components in local edge colorings.'' Discrete Mathematics 308, 2008, pp. 2620-2622 (with András Gyárfás)
Gallai colorings of non-complete graphs.'' Discrete Mathematics 310, 2010, pp. 977-980 (with András Gyárfás).
Professional Highlights & Honors
Good Teaching Award
University of Pennsylvania
Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences