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Scholarly Work

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NBC Boston
New Graduate Degree from WPI Aims to Help Combat Climate Change

Sarah Strauss, professor of integrative and global studies, and Jeanine Dudle, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, discuss the university’s new graduate program in Community Climate Adaptation. “We wanted to use our existing infrastructure and extend this at the master’s level to create an interdisciplinary program with a specific goal of helping communities adapt to the impacts of climate change,” Strauss said.

America Adapts
Adaptation U. – Mastering Climate Adaptation in Higher Education

WPI civil and environmental engineer Jeanine Dudle and global studies professor Sarah Strauss spoke with Doug Parsons, host of the popular “America Adapts” climate change podcast, about WPI’s new Community Climate Adaptation graduate program. The program will provide value for students through a unique participatory experience and generate a strong foundation for faculty research and enhanced community impacts.