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Scholarly Work

A Sensitivity Matrix Method to Understand the building Fire Egress Performance Gap
Comparison of Sensitivity Matrix Method, Power Function-based Response Surface Method, and Artificial Neural Network in the Analysis of Building Fire Egress Performance
Numerical Modeling of Fabric Vertical Flame Testing: Textile Samples
Thermal and Fire Characteristics of FRP Composites for Architectural Applications
Evaluating Effects of Applying Different Kinetic Models to Pyrolysis Modeling of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Composites
Parameter Estimation for Comprehensive Pyrolysis Modeling: Guidance and Critical Observations
Associated Press
From Ashes of London Fire, a Risk Gauging Tool

The Associated Press interviewed Professor Nick Dembsey, fire protection engineering, for this article. Dembsey told the AP that the goal of the new risk assessment tool known as the Risk Evaluation Matrix is to enable fire marshals, building owners and others to make their structures safer through a rational and scientific approach.