Scholarly Work

Coordinability and consistency in accident causation and prevention: Formal system-theoretic concepts for safety in multilevel systems
Hierarchical Motion Planning with Dynamical Feasibility Guarantees for Mobile Robotic Vehicles
Highlights from the literature on accident causation and system safety: Review of major ideas, recent contributions, and challenges
R. V. Cowlagi and P. Tsiotras, "Shortest distance problems in graphs using history-dependent transition costs with application to kinodynamic path planning," in Proceedings of the 2009 American Control Conference, St. Louis, MO, USA, pp. 414 - 419, 9 - 12 Jun 2009
Assembly Magazine
Team effort at WPI tackles self-driving car challenge

Assembly magazine talked with Raghvendra Cowlagi, assistant professor of aerospace engineering, and Alexander Wyglinski, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, about how automakers, suppliers and startup ventures can make autonomous vehicles operate safely and efficiently in complex urban environments.