Krishna Kumar Venkatasubramanian

Title: Affiliate Assistant Professor
Tel: 508-831-6571
Department: Computer Science
Krishna Kumar Venkatasubramanian
Assistant Professor, Computer Science
PhD Computer Science Arizona State University 2009
Postdoc University of Pennsylvania 2012
My research interests are in Security for Medical Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT). I am particularly interested in preserving user safety in the presence of malicious actors, for a variety of CPS and IoT applications.My current work is focused on mitigating sensory-channel attacks on wearable systems; transparent authentication for AR head-mounted displays; environment-coupled information security solutions for body area networks; developing an alarm system for interoperable medical device systems; and building secure residential IoT systems.My research has been featured in Discovery Channel website, ACM Tech News, and IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Article Wearable Technology.At WPI I teach computer networks, software security courses, and cyber-physical systems at both graduate and undergraduate levels. I find teaching and mentoring a very rewarding experience. I am a strong believer in working closely with students and getting them involved in research projects as a way to develop their critical
Krishna Kumar Venkatasubramanian
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