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National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute' MS 2013-2015
National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute' BS 2009-2013

I am a graduate student pursuing PhD in Bioinformatics. I have chosen this field because I am passionate about Data Science and I want to find out to what extent it can help us to gain insights into such important domain as a Biology (its omics chapters, to be more specific). My research is mostly focused on alternative splicing and its impact on cell regulatory processes. My other area of interest include machine learning (especially efficient methods for small datasets), RNA-Seq techniques and network dynamics.

Oleksandr  Narykov
Fuller Laboratories 318
Scholarly Work: 
Oleksandr Narykov, Nathan Johnson, Dmitry Korkin "Determining rewiring effects of alternatively spliced isoforms on protein-protein interactions using a computational approach" - Submitted to ISMB 2018
Oleksandr Narykov, Katelyn J. Hughes, Nathan Johnson "Hodgkin Lymphoma diagnosis using cross-lab data sets" - In progress
Katelyn J. Hughes, Oleksandr Narykov, Nathan Johnson, Dmitry Korkin "FuEL-Can: Detecting gene fusion cancer drivers using tissue-specific learning classifiers" -In progress
Ivan Voitalov, Rodrigo Aldecoa, Maksim Kitsak, Asher Ameli, Nathan Johnson, Andi Dhroso, Oleksandr Narykov, Dmitri Korkin, Amitabh Sharma and Dmitri Krioukov "Link Prediction in Protein Interaction Networks Using Latent Geometry" - In progress
Cui, H., Gao, Z., Liu, M., Lu, S., Mkandawire, W., Mo, S., Narykov, O., Srinivasan, S. and Korkin, D., 2020. Structural genomics and interactomics of 2019 Wuhan novel coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, indicate evolutionary conserved functional regions of viral prot
O. Narykov, D. Bogatov, D. Korkin "DISPOT: A simple knowledge-based protein domain interaction statistical potential.” (Bioinformatics, 2019)
S. Choobdar, M.E. Ashen [et al, including O. Narykov] "Assessment of network module identification across complex diseases." (Nature Methods, 2019)
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Computer Science
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Graduate Learning Assistant
Computer Science