Kamara's headshot

Jermoh V. Kamara, MPH, CHES, is the Associate Director of the Center for Well-Being. Before this role at WPI, she enjoyed being an adjunct lecturer for the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Department where she taught ID2050 for the following project centers: Worcester/ Boston, Ecuador, Namibia, South Africa, and Beijing & Taiwan.   

She enjoys working with young people, implementing programs that promote healthy eating & active living, sexual health, healthy relationships/ friendships, and the effects of racial oppression on health & well-being. Coming from a war-torn country, Liberia, her interest lies in how chronic and acute stress impacts one's daily life and the implication of Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) among children and young adults' overall health and academic success. Over the years, her work deliberately applied equity and a trauma-informed lens to health education and promotion.   

In her free time, she enjoys her personal time, traveling, and workouts such as squats, deadlifts, and strength training to perfect her snatches. She engages in Deka Fit and other competitive obstacle course fitness events.