An environmental professional with over 20 years of government and academic experience, Kwabena specializes in planning, law, public policy, environmental justice, community engagement, and multi-disciplinary projects. With a deep understanding of the local, state, federal and international government policies, Kwabena works with stakeholders in formulating and implementing effective technical and environmental strategies.

Currently, Kwabena works as a Massachusetts urban environmental program manager for the United States Environmental Protection Agency Region I (MA, RI, NH, ME, CT, and VT), where he is responsible for designing, implementing, and managing the Massachusetts Urban Environmental Program. He is also responsible for managing to New England states for the Clean Air Act, Section 2.5 of Particulate Mater and Ambient Air Monitoring Network Development and Implementation. Prior to joining the Urban Environmental Program, Kwabena served as the Environmental Justice Coordinator and the Historic Preservation Officer at the U.S. EPA. Kwabena is the recipient of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Gold Medal for Exceptional Service for systematically transforming regional operations to incorporate environmental justice principles, and achieving dramatic environmental results in EJ communities. He is also Suffolk University Law School 2019 Outstanding Graduate of the Last Decade Award recipient.  Kwabena has been an adjunct professor at Boston University City Planning and Urban Affairs Program since 2004., teaching courses on Urban Environmental Issues, Developing Sustainable Communities, International Development, and Environmental Law.  He also worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an urban environmental coordinator, sustainable development coordinator, and environmental justice coordinator. BS, MCP, Boston University; JD, Suffolk University Law School. He is the Chief of Akyem Dwenase, Akyem Abuakwa State, Ghana.

Kwabena is the Ghana Project Center Local Coordinator. Kwabena and Professor Krueger have collaborated on projects for over 20 years. They first collaborated on establishing the Central Massachusetts Regional Environmental Justice Team on addressing environmental issues that were affecting low income, minority, and underserve populations. Additionally they collaborated in creating the Worcester Coalition in addressing environmental health issues. On the international level, Professor Krueger and Kwabena planned and organized the 2013  visit to New England by his Majesty Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin, King of Akyem Abuakwa State in Ghana. The intent of the visit was to build partnerships with various U.S institutions. This resulted in WPI taking a strong interest in expanding the Project Center to Ghana. In 2017, Professor Krueger and Kwabena worked together in bringing the current Ghana Ambassador to the United States to New England, including WPI. The Ghana Ambassador, Dr Adjei Barwuah invited Professor Krueger and his colleagues to meet the current President of Ghana, Nana Addo, in Washington DC in 2018.