Mr Raphael Howard is from Central Massachusetts where he grew up. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Middle East Studies and concentration in Women’s Studies from Worcester State College and a Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology from William James College, Newton, MA.

Mr Howard enlisted in the MAARNG in 1997 as a junior in high school completing Basic Training in Ft Benning, GA between his Jr/Sr year of High school.  He Completed Advanced Infantry Training upon graduation that next summer in 1998 before starting his freshman year of college classes to include WPI Army ROTC.

His enlisted career was in the oldest Infantry unit in the Army, the 1-181 Inf BN, 29th ID (L) MAARNG.  During this timeframe he supported a company level troop exchange in the UK in 2000, Peacekeeping in Bosnia Herzegovina as part of NATO’s SFOR 10 rotation from 2001-2002,1-509th OPFOR unit Augment to validate US Army Stryker BCT concept validation in 2003, deployed in support of OEF to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to provide security operations for the JDOG of JTF GTMO from 2003-2004, and Humanitarian Assistance in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

He received his Commission through WPI Army ROTC as a Signal Officer in 2007 and was accepted into the 443rd CA BN as the S6.  In 2008 he was individually mobilized to support the US Army’s Human Terrain System proof of concept through TRADOC G2.  While with the project he conducted socio cultural research in Mosul, Iraq plus surrounding areas of Ninewa Province attached to the HTT of 3rd ACR and later 3rd BCT, 1 CAV Div in 2008-2009.  Soon after HTS became a program of record, he completed the Afghanistan Studies course at University of Nebraska, Omaha. He then individually deployed to Afghanistan’s Parwan province attached to the J9’s HTAT in CJTF-82nd and later CJTF-101st from 2009 to 2010 as a research manager.  He returned to the 443rd CA BN where he graduated from Civil Affairs Qualification Course in 2011 at JFKSWC as a newly branched CA officer. He deployed with B Co, 443rd CA BN conducting civil military operations in Wardak, Afghanistan from 2011-2012 as a CA Team Chief.  Upon return from deployment, he took a 1-year contract as a civilian instructor at WPI Army ROTC. Shortly after completing it he then deployed to Djibouti, Africa as the Civil Information Management Chief for HHC 443rd CA BN from 2013-2014 leading a section that analyzed and managed civil populace information of the nations across east Africa. After deployment he completed his Masters in Org Psych and entered work in Program Management with MorphoTrustUSA. In 2017 he supported Operation Saber Guardian as a CA officer on the Civil Liaison Team with HHC 443rd CA BN operating at MK Airbase in Romania. Shortly afterward he deployed back to Africa with A Co 407th CA BN supporting a SATMO mission for the OSC of the US Embassy to Uganda to support the UPDF in creating plus implementing the CIMIC/CA Tactical Company Course to qualify UGABAG’s 25 and 26 CIMIC Officers in its CIMIC units as part of the nation’s peacekeeping support to the AU’s peacekeeping operations in Somalia from 2017-2018. Most recently in 2019 he individually augmented C Co 411th CA BN as a Team Chief ISO Operation Saber Junction at JMRC in Hohenfels, Germany and again with a CA Team in early 2020 with B Co 443rd CA BN during Operation Combined Resolve XIII providing him the opportunity to hone the skills to conduct operations on the hybrid battlefield.  He currently still serves in the USAR and is a full-time civilian Senior Military Science Instructor at WPI Army ROTC after two years at Northeastern Univ. Army ROTC.

Mr Howard’s military awards include the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Joint Commendation Medal, and other numerous awards.