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Alexandria Sheehan ‘24

BS, Economic Science, minor in Data Science

Why did you choose to study at WPI?  

“As a transfer student, WPI's unique project-based learning and competitive Division III athletics made me want to be a part of such a special community. I first came to WPI in elementary school where I competed in Destination Imagination, a program that incorporated STEM with the arts and service learning. Several years later, I knew there was no better place to continue my education than at WPI.” 

How are you involved with the WPI community?  

“I am a proud member of WPI softball. Last year, I was a part of the most successful team in WPI softball history and made memories I will forever cherish. I am a diversity, equity, and inclusion representative for the team as well. The program, and WPI athletics, mean so much to me. It has allowed me to become not only a better athlete, but a better person as well. 

“I am also a member of ACCESS (awareness, community, collaboration, empowerment, support, and success), a club that helps support and advocate for students with varying disabilities. Through ACCESS, I've educated myself on different disabilities and worked to raise awareness on campus.” 

What’s your favorite thing about WPI?  

“The small, tight knit campus. I'm always seeing someone I know on campus and in passing. It makes you feel a part of the community! There are also many ways to get involved: varsity sports, club sports, clubs, and organizations. There's always opportunities to meet new people, and new activities happen every day.” 

Do you have a faculty or staff mentor?  

“Coach Heather Ross (my softball coach) supports me in academic, professional, and personal successes. She advocates for leadership development to use in our athletic and professional careers and has created a tight-knit family within the program, all of whom are my best friends.” 

How has WPI’s project-based learning influenced your education?   

Project-based learning has given me the experience of working with other people in a professional setting. I feel prepared to enter the workforce and have already used the teamwork and collaboration skills I've learned in my internship. WPI has also given me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Tirana, Albania for my Interactive Qualifying Project. This project has given me a wider point of view on real-world issues and is the perfect intersection between STEM and social science.” 

Alexandria's headshot

Marion, MA

Staff Mentor

Heather Ross, head softball coach 

  • Cats  
  • Reading 
  • Video games 
  • Music (R&B and country) 

Campus Activities 

  • Softball team 
  • ACCESS student organization 
I knew there was no better place to continue my education than at WPI.
8 AM

Start of class time  

12 PM

Pack up and prepare for either a home or away softball game 

1:15 PM

Play a doubleheader for three hours (two softball games) 

7:15 PM

Dinner with the team at Morgan Dining Hall 

8 PM

Go back to my res hall to work on homework and get ready for the next day

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