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Kellie Bushe '24

BS, Biomedical Engineering (Pre-Medicine)

Being a college student can mean facing many challenges, and, as a pre-med and ROTC student, Kellie is poised to meet these challenges head-on. This entails managing a demanding course load along with her other interests. “As a Biomedical Engineering student, not every class lines up with the pre-med class requirements," she says, "so I took classes over the summer and am doing my IQP on campus as a sophomore, while overloading on my basic courses to get this done. Although it's a lot of work, I am highly dedicated to completing the requirements for pre-med on time so I can apply to medical school in my junior year.”

In addition to her coursework as a pre-med student, she is also passionate about ROTC activities. She interns in Natick, MA with a Department of Defense contractor, Sherpa6, developing a virtual display of the New England technical ecosystem. She is also proud of her participation in the Army ROTC Ranger Challenge Team. She says, “This 12-member team wakes up at 5 a.m., Monday through Friday, to train for the Ranger Challenge event located at Fort Dix, New Jersey. The three-day event tests both physical and tactical skills of the team. This has helped me grow as a leader, refine my tactical skills, and grow more physically tough. When we competed in the spring, we achieved 5th place in the entire Brigade.” 

Kellie credits WPI’s course structure and project-based curriculum as a beneficial component of her learning. “My favorite thing about WPI is the 7-week terms,” she says. “Although they are fast-paced, it allows students to deeply engage with and focus on the three classes they're taking. WPI's project-based curriculum has allowed me to be exposed to a collaborative environment of students and to refine my skills in working with others to accomplish projects both big and small."

She encourages students considering WPI to look for new opportunities on campus. “Prospective WPI students should be passionate about their interests and always look for opportunities to challenge and enhance their experiences as students. College is so much better when you can have fun while being a part of something outside of your schoolwork—clubs, teams, research groups, etc., is never a waste of time,” she says. 

After graduation, Kellie hopes to attend medical school and commission as an army officer, with her WPI education having prepared her for her future endeavors. “I can definitely say graduates of WPI have a cutting edge in the workforce. We are prepared to work under pressure and to work with others to accomplish major projects. We are one of the best tech schools in the nation" she says. "Companies are definitely aware of this and are always happy to get WPI students because they know we will deliver exactly what they need.” 

Headshot of Kellie Bushe

Paxton, MA

Faculty Mentor

Brenton Faber, professor of writing, Humanities & Arts

  • Working on EMT certification through WPI Emergency Medical Services
  • Dean’s List student
  • Intern at The Natick Laboratory Army Research, Development, and Engineering Center
  • Army ROTC Ranger Challenge Team
  • Volunteering at local hospitals and clinics

Campus Activities

  • Research volunteer at Epworth Clinic (free medical services program)
  • Army ROTC Color Guard
  • Plans to join WPI Emergency Medical Services Squad after EMT certification
WPI's project-based curriculum has allowed me to be exposed to a collaborative environment of students and to refine my skills in working with others to accomplish projects both big and small.