Asunción, Paraguay Project Center

Paraguay Asuncion
Current Director(s): 
Program Term(s): 
D-Term during spring
Project Opportunities: 
Project preparation: 
Welcome, travel, and pre-departure orientations; project proposal and research plan coursework; cultural experience preparations

Location and Culture:

Located between Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil, Paraguay represents a blend of both indigenous and colonial influences, and is comprised of several distinct natural regions. Paraguay is famous for its bird life, and is also home to animals like the jaguar and anaconda. Despite its small size (seven million citizens), Paraguay boasts a robust economy based on strong agricultural production. Average temperatures in Asunción in March fall between 70°F and 89°F.

Housing and Meals:

WPI students will stay in six-person casitas (stucco cabins) at a residential school in Benjamin Aceval, 45 minutes from Asunción. For an additional cost, students may choose to spend weekends in Asunción in a three-bedroom dorm-style home with a pool. Accommodation type and location are subject to change without notice and will be confirmed the term prior to departure.

Meat, vegetables, manioc, maize, and fruit are common staples in Paraguayan cuisine. Barbecuing is both a cooking technique and a popular social event. Students should inform their advisor of any health concerns, dietary restrictions, or allergies in advance of participation in this program.

Past Projects:

Past students at the Paraguay project center have:

  • Improved a system for monitoring poverty with Fundación Paraguaya
  • Developed upgrades and marketing materials for the San Francisco School’s on-campus dairy factory with Fundación Paraguaya
  • Designed an improved heating system at the San Francisco School with Fundación Paraguaya