Zurich, Switzerland Project Center

Image of Swiss Flag
Current Director(s): 
Program Term(s): 
A-Term during early fall
C-Term during winter
Project preparation: 
Welcome, travel, and pre-departure orientations; project proposal and research plan coursework; cultural experience preparations

Location and Culture:

Switzerland is a small, mountainous country located in central Europe, landlocked by France, Germany, and Italy. The country’s climate varies with altitude, going from cold, snowy winters to warm, humid summers.

Housing and Meals:

Students will live in self-catered apartments. Accommodation type and location are subject to change without notice and will be confirmed the term prior to departure.

Swiss cuisine is influenced by Italian, French, and German foods. Popular local staples include chocolate, cheese, and potatoes, as well as traditional dishes like raclette and fondue. Students should inform their advisor of any health concerns, dietary restrictions, or allergies in advance of participation in this program.