Buenos Aires, Argentina Project Center

Buenos Aires, Argentina Project Center
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E-Term during summer

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Buenos Aires: South America::New York: North America:: Paris: Europe. It's a city. It's big, full of hustle and bustle, and it's beautiful. Argentina’s economic ups and downs illustrate its shared ancestry with neighboring Latin American countries, yet its capital’s French architecture and Italian influences reveal a storied and gloried past. The locals of Buenos Aires, known as porteños, are equally proud and frustrated that their city is known as the Paris of South America. Known for its unique neighborhoods, its urban feel, and its sing-songy Spanish, Buenos Aires offers students an easily navigable environment in which to improve their Spanish and their cultural knowledge through daily classes at the Universidad de San Andrés. The city is also just hours from many spectacular sites, including Iguazú Falls, Montevideo & Colonia in Uruguay, and the vast countryside of Argentina, known as the Pampas; students visit these locales and others on planned weekend excursions.