Copenhagen, Denmark Project Center

Copenhagen, Denmark Project Center
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A-Term during early fall
D-Term during spring
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Location and Culture

Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen, is located on the island of Zealand. The Danish population numbers 5.6 million and inhabits an area of 16,630 square miles. In addition to farming, Denmark has many diverse and technological industries, with emphasis on electronics, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, furniture craft, and alternative energy sources. Denmark is an ideal place for IQP projects. Danish culture is open to interdisciplinary academic questioning, the foundation of every IQP. Danes are brought up to question and debate the impact of technology on the quality of life, and are leaders in utilizing positive aspects of modern technology while trying to lessen its negative impacts.

Past Projects

Past students at the Denmark project center have:

  • Developed small-scale greenwater management solutions
  • Assessed self-rehabilitation strategies for the visually impaired
  • Developed decision matrices to aid municipalities with recycling collection methods
  • Explored the political and public preferences for green spaces, in order to develop a surface design for a green bridge